Kids Calendar Contest

Lakeland Electric and the City of Lakeland are excited to once again partner with the Polk County School Board on the 2021 ReEnergize Lakeland calendar. This collaborative art project allows us to honor local student artists while teaching the community how to save energy and money. ReEnergize Lakeland focuses on three key areas to help give our customers the power to save!

Want to win $100?

·         Have your student enter the Lakeland Kids Calendar Contest.

·         The student must attend one of our eligible schools and the student should like to draw.

·         13 winners will be chosen based on artwork and the Re-Energize Lakeland message (one winner for each of the 12 months and one for the calendar’s cover).

·         Each student whose artwork is selected will win $100.


Participation can be completed from home allowing in-school or virtual student to participate. To see a list of participating schools, click here. If your student’s school is on the list, then your student is eligible for the contest.


For our annual calendar contest, we would love to see your child or student draw pictures of ways to save energy and lower their bills.


Below are examples of previous submissions. Click on the picture to expand:

 Calendar Sample Picture 1      Calendar Sample Picture 2           


Winners will be notified before December 01, 2020 via video sent to schools. Checks will be mailed to the student’s home address. To participate, an entry form must be completed and submitted along with the picture completed on the Lakeland Kids Calendar Contest drawing form.


To Download an Entry Form:   Click here        To Download a Drawing Form: Click here


Re-Energize Lakeland teaches our customers about conserving energy. Keeping our customers' electricity costs low is important to our customers too. Re-Energize Lakeland shows our customers ways they can save money by being green. Re-Energize Lakeland topics include:

-New Appliance Rebates

-ReEnergize Lakeland Loans

-Free Home Energy Audit

-Electric Vehicles

-Solar Energy Farms

-Energy-Saving Trees®



ENERGY EFFICIENCY: We have many different programs and offers. For example, one rebate program allows customers who buy certain ENERGY STAR appliances to get a $40 to $200 credit on their electricity bill. By using appliances that save energy, electricity bills can be lowered every month.


We also offer a loan program to homeowners interested in making energy efficient upgrades through home improvement projects. The best part is, these loans are interest free!


Additionally, we offer free virtual home energy audits by a professional energy analyst. The analysts will share energy-saving recommendations and practices, like turning off lights and ceiling fans when no one is home or setting the air conditioner at 78 degrees. To learn more about all Lakeland Electric’s energy efficiency programs, visit


ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND SOLAR PANELS: These are two important alternative energy technologies. Electric vehicles help reduce direct carbon emissions, helping make the air we breathe cleaner. Additionally, did you know that it costs about half as much to drive an electric vehicle as a similar gas-powered car, meaning big savings?

Solar panels are ideal for Florida's sunny days and can minimize our customers' dependency on the main electric grid. We have a total of five solar farms right here in Lakeland! By 2024 we expect to add 3-5 times more solar.


TREES: Lakeland Electric recognizes and appreciates that TREES are valuable assets to both landscapes and the quality of life in our area. They also help our customers save on their own cooling costs. That is why Lakeland Electric has several tree programs.


Tree crews operate nearly year-round to clear the lines to reduce tree related outages and to expedite service restoration during storms. We also offer free wood chips to customers who need ground cover in driveways or parking areas. Wood Chips are delivered free of charge to customers’ homes. The average delivery consists of 10-12 yards of coarse wood chips, twigs, and leaves.


In partnership with Arbor Day Foundation, Lakeland Electric offers customers free trees. By planting the right tree in the right place, customers can reduce energy use by up to 20% each year. Just be sure to avoid power lines and plant the trees in the sun!


Teachers/Parents: To help the student understand or to become inspired, please share this brief presentation with them.


Contest Guidelines:

1. Artwork must be clearly executed to showcase a ReEnergize Lakeland topic.

2. The artwork must be created on the drawing form page provided on this page, please print out to use.

3. Artwork created by students must be the student’s original, two-dimensional work (no digital design or

    manipulation will be accepted).

4. Copyrighted characters or clip art will not be accepted.

5. Students may use a variety of media, such as crayons, markers, paint, etc. Bright bold colors will

    reproduce better.

6. Lettering should complement the visual image and it should be in bold print.

7. All artwork submitted becomes property of Lakeland Electric and may be reproduced and will not be  

    acknowledged or returned.

8. All pieces of artwork must have a parent’s consenting signature.



All the submitted artwork will be housed at Lakeland Electric’s Administrative Building. The thirteen students’ artwork will be chosen by our judges (one for each of the 12 months & 1 for the calendar cover). These students will receive a $100 cash prize and their work will be spotlighted in the 2021 ReEnergize Lakeland Kids Calendar.


All artwork is due by October 16, 2020 (DO NOT BEND ARTWORK)

Please mail to:

Lakeland Electric
Attn: Marketing Dept.
501 E Lemon Street
Lakeland, FL 33801

Or drop off at:

Kelly Recreation Complex, 404 Imperial Blvd
Simpson Park Community Center, 1725 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave
Beerman Family Tennis Center (Pro Shop), 1000 E Edgewood Dr
Coleman-Bush Building, 1104 Martin Luther King Jr Ave
Lakeland Public Library, 100 Lake Morton Drive

Larry E Jackson Branch Library, 1700 N Florida Ave
eLibrary South Lakeland, 4740 S Florida Ave


Contest will run from September 28, 2020 - October 16, 2020. If you have any questions, please email


Let’s ReEnergize Lakeland!



Click on Watson for inspiration on your entry:


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