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  • Thank you Lakeland Electric!!! You don’t know how much your community appreciates you!!!

    Caroline Beasley

  • We have the best linemen anywhere! And thank you for all you do for us!

    Pamela Kesling Fore

  • Thanks My Lakeland Electric, I’m not always thrilled when I get my bill but I know we can always count on your guys to get our power back up ASAP! We truly appreciate you, stay safe out there!

    Hil Gaines

  • Saw your ad on TV alerting people to the fact that My Lakeland Electric will never call your home asking for money. With the number of scams out there it would be good if other companies followed in your footsteps. Thanks to all the workers for helping to make life bright again for people in Lakeland - We appreciate you <3

    Grandma Good Life

  • I really like the new kiosk, it is convenient and loves how it feels getting the information right then and there.

    Juanita Roundtree