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Lakeland Electric offers customers a variety of programs to encourage customers to reduce their energy usage and help lower their electric bills. Utilizing rebates, energy audits, and supplies to increase energy efficiency, improve our environment and impact your business's bottom line.

Fiscal Year 2024 Available Funds

As of December 1, 2023, 25% of the funds are available for customer rebates.

Our energy conservation fund has a fixed amount of rebates available each year.

Rebate requests may only be submitted when funding is available for the specific rebate being requested and be submitted within 90 days of the purchase date to be considered a valid rebate request. Please allow at least 30 days to process the rebate from the time of approval.

Appliance Rebate

Lakeland Electric is offering an appliance rebate to their residential customers who purchase a qualifying Energy Star© appliance as listed below.

Qualifying Energy Star© appliances:

  • Refrigerator $200*
  • Dishwasher $150*
  • Clothes Washer $150*
  • Clothes Dryer $150*
  • Freezer $40*
  • Pool Pump $350*
  • Water Heater (Heat pump only) $700*
  • Hot Water Heater Timer $50*
  • WI-FI Thermostat $100*
  • Energy Monitoring Device $100*

*Rebates will appear as a credit on your utility bill and may take up to 30 days to process.

Click to download Appliance Rebate Form

Rebate Amounts: $40 - $700 depending on the type of Energy Star© appliance purchased.

Eligible Participants: Current residential Lakeland Electric Customers.

How to Participate: After making a qualified purchase, download the rebate form, print, fill out all information, and send it to: (a copy of the receipt must be included & show brand & model number)

E-mail it to:

Or mail it to:
Lakeland Electric
Energy Efficiency Programs/Andrea Scott
501 E Lemon St
Lakeland, FL 33801

Other conditions and requirements:

  • Rebates are subject to change without notice and are subject to approval.
  • The equipment must be installed in a permanent residence receiving Lakeland Electric residential electric service.
  • To be eligible for rebates, purchased equipment must be Energy Star© qualified and currently listed on the Energy Star website -
  • Refrigerators or freezers must be full-sized as defined by Energy Star (7.75 cubic feet or greater volume).
  • Rebate applications must be received within 90 days of the appliance purchase date.
  • Rebates cannot exceed the total installed cost for the appliance(s), which must be new appliances not used.
  • For a rebate to be applied, the brand and model number of equipment must show on the receipt and accompany the application.
  • Applications must be completed entirely for rebates to be applied.
  • Rebates will not be paid to the equipment vendor or the installation contractor.

Call Customer Service at 863-834-9535

$100 HVAC Annual Maintenance Rebate

Annual inspections and maintenance of heating and cooling systems not only ensure proper and efficient operations but also help prevent untimely breakdowns. This rebate is available as an annual offer to residential customers that have completed a preseason heating and cooling system tune-up by a licensed HVAC contractor. This rebate is in effect as of June 27, 2022. Services that must be completed to qualify for the rebate:

  • Check refrigerant level
  • Check thermostat
  • Check for leaks in the ductwork
  • Check and clean condenser and evaporator coils
  • Check fans for tightness and cleanliness
  • Lubricate fan motors
  • Check controls
  • Check voltage and amperage

Program Requirements
  • Valid on central electric heating and cooling units
  • Limit to a one-time, one rebate, per central unit, per household annually
  • You must provide a receipt of the service performed with your Lakeland Electric account number
  • The rebate will be in the amount of the maintenance inspection up to a maximum of $100.00.

Receipts are to be sent by email or mail to the following:


Lakeland Electric
Attention: Energy and Business Services/ LE Rebates
501 E. Lemon St
Lakeland, FL 33801

Call (863) 834-9535 for more information.

$300 Attic Insulation Upgrade Rebate

Lakeland Electric offers a $300 rebate to residential customers that upgrade attic insulation. Customers must have an inspection done by Lakeland Electric before installing additional insulation. A Lakeland Electric Energy Analyst will inspect the attic insulation and issue the rebate certificate. The amount of insulation (R-value) to be added will be stated on the certificate. The customer can use any insulation contractors in our area or self-install. The rebate is available for customers with an R-19 or less; the total R-value achieved must be R-30 or greater to qualify. 

Please call (863) 834-9535 to schedule an appointment for an insulation audit. 

Energy Analysts will issue rebate certificates and a list of insulation contractors to qualifying customers. If the customer chooses to add insulation, the contractors will accept the certificate as a $300 payment. The contractors will mail or fax the redeemed certificates to Lakeland Electric monthly. Lakeland Electric will pay the contractors $300 for each certificate returned. The payment will be processed by Energy and Business Services and sent to Revenue Management for payment. The Energy Analysts will inspect at least 10% of the completed installations. If the customer installs the insulation, the Energy Analyst will inspect, and get the certificate from the homeowner and a copy of the receipt. Payment will then be made to the customer and may take up to 30 days to process.


  • Must be a Lakeland Electric customer
  • Valid for existing single-family homes (not new construction) with whole-house air-conditioning and/or electric heat.
  • Rebate for attic insulation only
  • Rebates are subject to approval and contingent upon fund availability
  • Rebates are subject to change without notice
  • Limit one (1) insulation rebate per location
$500 for a new Energy Efficient Heat Pump

Rebate Funding for the Energy Efficient Heat Pump is not available until 10/01/2023
Lakeland Electric will offer their residential customers a rebate to replace their current HVAC system with an energy-efficient heat pump. The Lakeland Electric Heating and Cooling Rebate will be for $500. The replacement system must meet our criteria, as listed below. This rebate is in effect as of June 27, 2022.
Equipment Specification Requirements 

  • A minimum of 15.2 SEER2 for heat pumps. $500
  • 15.2 SEER2 or higher Straight AC units with a gas furnace. $500
  • The maximum supplemental electric resistance heating with a heat pump should not exceed two (2)kilowatts (kW) per nominal ton.
  • On a heat pump system of less than 2.5 tons, a 5 kW heat strip is acceptable.
  • Heat Pump Mini Splits 15.2 SEER2 or greater - $150 (per condensing unit outside)*

    *Per replacement of central unit per location, maximum of two units at $150 per unit. Based on number of condensing units


  • A licensed HVAC contractor must complete the installation.
  • The customer must submit a copy of the receipt listing the model number and SEER of the unit installed with the AHRI certificate.
  • Customer should provide their Lakeland Electric account number and address.
  • A copy of the receipt can be scanned and emailed to: or mailed:

Energy and Business Services Attention:
Heating/Cooling Rebate, LE Rebates
501 E. Lemon St.
Lakeland, FL 33801

*If emailed, the subject line should read: Lakeland Electric Heating & Cooling Rebate.

  • Email should also include the customers' names and account numbers.
  • The rebate will be credited to the customer's account. Upon receiving the receipt from the customer, the rebate will be applied within 30 days.
  • Limit to one (1) rebate per central unit per location.
Available for replacement of an existing unit excludes new construction. (Rebates are subject to change and are contingent on fund availability.)
Duct Seal Rebate Program

Lakeland Electric offers a $300 rebate to residential customers to seal their ductwork (in unconditioned space) with metal tape and mastic. Customers must have an inspection done by Lakeland Electric before the duct sealing occurs. At this point, the Energy Analysts will inspect the duct system for visible leaks and issue the rebate certificate. The customer can use any of the licensed HVAC contractors in our area. All ducts must be sealed with metal tape and mastic.

Please call 863-834-9535 to schedule an appointment.

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We are accepting applications.

This interest-free loan program is for qualified homeowners interested in making energy-efficient upgrades through eligible home improvement projects to their home. This interest-free loan program has a minimum amount of $500.00 dollars and a maximum amount of $5,000.00 dollars. For more detailed information on this program, please review the information below. 
Project Steps

Read over the eligible measures for the project in which you want to use the program. These measures must be adhered to; not doing so can result in funding not being issued. Before filling out an application, the customer needs to make sure they qualify for the program. The customer needs to be either in "Good" or "Excellent" standing with Lakeland Electric. They must be a customer with us for a minimum of one year. The upgrades need to be to their primary residence. Customers can call customer service to determine what standing they are with Lakeland Electric 863-834-1245.

The funding for the REEnergize Lakeland Program is first-come, first-served. To secure a funding position with the no-interest loan program, we will need to receive the following:

  • Customer completed application
  • Approved Contractors application
  • A photo with the proposal and spec sheet of the equipment to be replaced
  • Signed Project Step Sheet
The project steps are listed below.
  1. The customer needs to fill out an application REEnergize Lakeland Finance Application. Scan it, and e-mail it to

  2. The customer will select a contractor from our approved contractor list; for their intended project. We suggest at least 3 bids, but that is up to the customer.

  3. The Contractor will also need to fill out an application. (Available under the contractor’s tab) They can scan it and e-mail it back to

  4. A photo of the existing equipment is required. Either the customer or the contractor can take the photo and e-mail it to


  1. Once all the paperwork and the photo have been submitted to the Program Coordinator, the paperwork package is then sent to our attorney’s office for further processing.
  2. Once the attorney’s office has completed the paperwork, it will be sent to you by email to be notarized. 
  3. Once the documents are notarized and returned, the customer can contact their contractor and have them begin the work.
  4. Once the work is completed, the customer will re-contact the Program Coordinator, and an appointment will be set up for a post-inspection and funding will be issued. The check is made out to the homeowner, not the contractor.
  5. The installments for the payback are $100 a month. There is a lien placed on the property until the loan is satisfied.
  6. There is also a one-time filing fee that will be assessed to your utility bill, depending on the length of the closing documents.
    Typically, for a $5,000 loan, it has been about $90.50.
  7. Please make a note of the following: In the event of the sale, conveyance, assignment, or transfer of the property encumbered by this mortgage in any manner, the entire remaining balance shall be immediately due and payable without notice.

Print Project Steps

Customer Eligibility

The following eligibility requirements must be met by customers who wish to participate in the ReEnergize Lakeland Finance Program. Please review all information contained in the Program Application prior to submission. A non-refundable recording release fee will be assessed on your Lakeland Electric bill upon completion of the project. The total amount of the recording and release fee will range from approximately $63.00 to $100.00, which varies depending on the length of the executed documents.

Customer Eligibility

At the time of application, the customer must:

  • Be a Lakeland Electric customer for at least one year.
  • Hold either a Good or Excellent credit rating with Lakeland Electric. You can obtain your credit rating by contacting Customer Service at (863) 834-9535 or email
Customers must be both:
  • The property owner of record as listed by the Polk County Property Appraiser of the property to be upgraded.
  • A full-time resident of the property to be upgraded.
  • Customers must grant the City of Lakeland a lien on the property to be upgraded until the loan is paid in full.
  • Customers agree to pay the recording and release fee to be assessed on their Lakeland Electric utility bill at the project’s completion.
Eligible Upgrades

Energy Efficiency Measures (Replacement and upgrades only)

  • Windows that are NFRC labeled, with a U factor .30 or below and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .27 or below. (All windows must be upgraded at the same time.)
  • HVAC: 16 SEER-rated or better with air-source Heat Pump.
  • Hybrid-electric (heat pump) water heaters.
  • Air Sealing and Insulation.

ENERGY STAR certification is not required, provided that:

  • Air sealing of the home and ducts is performed, and
  • Attic/Ceiling insulation installed achieves R-30 or better, and
  • If the home is a wood-framed house, Wall insulation that achieves R-13 equivalent or better, and
  • If the home is a mobile home or has a crawl space, floor insulation that achieves R-11 equivalent or better.

Renewable Energy Measures limited to:

  • Solar PV: (For RESNETS HERS homes rated 80 or below only). This rating must be performed by a RESENT qualified rater and must be paid for by the customer.
  • Geothermal heat pumps.
  • Solar water heater systems.
Terms and Conditions

Loan Program Eligibility, Guidelines, Applicant Certifications and Releases Customer Eligibility

At the time of application, customers must

  • Have been a Lakeland Electric customer for at least one year, and
  • Hold either a Good or Excellent credit rating with Lakeland Electric.

You can obtain your credit rating by contacting Customer Service at (863) 834-9535.
Customers must be both

  • The property owner of record as listed by the Polk County Property Appraiser of the property to be upgraded, and
  • A full-time resident of the property to be upgraded.

Customers must grant the City of Lakeland a lien on the property to be upgraded until the loan is paid in full.

Upon completion of the approved project, a recording fee and the beginning of your loan payments will be assessed on your monthly Lakeland Electric Utility Bill.

Loan Funds

  • Must be used entirely for an Eligible Upgrade as specifically listed below.
  • May not exceed the total cost of the project:
  • Any direct financial incentives or rebates must be deducted from the project's total cost and are ineligible for financing, excluding non-refundable tax credits.
  • May only be used for measures that meet all state or local building code requirements and have all appropriate labeling required (such as NFPA for fire protection, ASME for pressure vessels, OMNI for fireplace inserts, etc.)
Customer understands, agrees, certifies, and consents:
  • That all information contained in this application is true and accurate.
  • Loan funds will be provided on a first-come basis to eligible customers. In the event customer demand for loans exceeds funding availability, the customer understands that priority will be given to customers whose average monthly energy consumption for the past year exceeds 1,500 kWh.

To meet all program Timelines. Customers MUST:

Submit a project proposal by a qualified contractor to Lakeland Electric within one (1) week of submitting your Program Application, but ideally with your program application.

  • Be available to meet with the City Attorney's Office to sign Loan Documents within one (1) week of submitting your project proposal.
  • Have work completed, notify the Energy Efficiency Programs Coordinator, and be available for a post-installation inspection within two (2) weeks of signing your Loan Documents,
  • That customer will hold the City of Lakeland, Lakeland Electric, its agents, invitees, contractors, and employees harmless from all suits, actions, claims, demands, damages, losses, and other reasonable expenses, including attorney's fees to which it may be subjected to in the event of any of the following: (i) if customer's energy consumption and/or energy bill is not reduced by the anticipated amount or experiences an increase; (ii) negligence of work completed by a contractor; (iii) inability to repay any financing, including to a third party lender; (iv) failure to take advantage of all credits, rebates, or other incentives; (v) any project costs that exceed the total amount of the loan available from Lakeland Electric; (vi) any negligence of the customer, its agents, guests, invitees or contractors arising from and/or in connection with this Program.
  • Agree to a monthly repayment of the zero-interest loan offered by Lakeland Electric as a line item on the customer's Lakeland Electric bill in the amount of $100 per month. In the event any payments received by customers are insufficient to cover the total amount owed on the customer's monthly utility bill, funds will be applied to utility expenses first and any remaining funds will be applied to the amount owed pursuant to Program participation. Such deficiency in payment shall be considered a default in accordance with the terms/conditions provided in the Installment Promissory Note executed by the customer.
  • In the event the customer moves prior to repayment of the loan in full to Lakeland Electric, any unpaid balance still due and owing on the account will accelerate and become due and owing in full at that time.
  • In the event of default, any third-party lender, City of Lakeland, or Lakeland Electric will have the right to pursue collection efforts and pursue any remedy available at law against the customer for any unpaid balance, costs and attorney fees, notwithstanding the fact that any such loss may have been covered by a loss reserve.
  • To the release of records related to customers' actual energy consumption for the three (3) year period prior to installation and the three (3) year post-installation period to appropriate funding agencies to verify the efficiency of the measures installed.
  • That the terms, conditions, certifications and releases contained in this Application are incorporated by reference into any final loan agreement between the customer and Lakeland Electric.
Selecting a Contractor

Lakeland Electric does not recommend or endorse specific contractors for this Program. To participate in the Program, contractors must be properly licensed, certified, and insured by the State of Florida and/or registered in Polk County for the type of work they perform and be properly licensed to conduct business in the City of Lakeland when doing so within the City limits. In addition, contractors agree to provide accurate certifications of equipment being replaced and the number of hours it takes to complete a job. Contractors are required to submit an application and supporting documentation to the City in order to be placed on the contractor approved list for this Program. Once contractors have been approved, they will be placed on the Program's approved contractors list from which customers can select.

We strongly urge our customers to review the information from Energy Star on selecting a home improvement contractor and the information from the Florida Bar Association on home improvement contractors.

Approved Contractors

Ace Air Conditioning & Electric
  (863) 688-2283
ACS Air-conditioning and Heating
   (863) 640-1897
   (863) 682-3803
Action Heating and Cooling Inc.
   (863) 701-7777
Advanced A/C & Refrigeration
   (863) 619-5688
Affordable AC & Heating, LLC.
   (863) 860-7633
Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.
   (863) 284-2690
Alexander AC & Heating
   (863) 667-2299
Anchored Air-conditioning and Heating
   (863) 618-5355
Caudill's Heating & AC
   (863) 859-2933
Citrus Air Conditioners, Inc.
   (863) 648-0637
Clarke's Custom Air
   (863) 667-1958
Classic AC of Lakeland
   (863) 646-8281
Creel Air Conditioning
   (863) 646-5920
Currents and Cooling, Inc.
   (863) 409-7155
Duvall Heating and Air Conditioning
   (813) 695-2141
East Polk, LLC.
   (863) 665-2750
Easy AC
   (813) 635-0440
Eichenberger & Sons
   (863) 646 8325
Elite Cooling & Heating
   (863) 858-6602
Fallin's Central Air Conditioning & Heating
  (863) 640-2949
Freedom Air Conditioning, Inc.
   (863) 229-7058
Garden Grove Heating & Cooling, LLC.
   (863) 956-7277
Gould's Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC.
   (813) 752-1970
Honest Plumbing Air Conditioning and Electrical LLC
   (863) 622-1666
HRI - Home Rehabilitators Inc.
   (239) 249-0023
Jameson Heating & Cooling
   (863) 333-8930
JD Greenhalgh
   (863) 858-5070 J. Molnar
   (863) 899-2115
Johnson's Mechanical, Inc.
   (863) 688-8834
Marshalls, LLC.
   (863) 581-0984
McKinney Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.
   (863) 859-2837
Mr. Kool Man Air Conditioning
   (863) 450-4490
Payne AC & Heating, Inc.
   (863) 686-6163
Polk Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. 
   (863) 967-4495
Price Busters Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC.
   (863) 450-3127
ProTek Property Solutions, Inc.
   (813) 855-2353
Randolph's AC & Heating
   (863) 682-7499
Rideout & Sons
   (863) 644-8852
Roth Air-Conditioning
   (863) 808-7877
RPD A/C & Heating, Inc.
   (863) 944-2165
Ryals Brothers Inc
   (863) 665-8231
Snowbird Heating and Cooling, Inc.
   (863) 551-3411
Springer Brothers AC & Heating
   (863) 967-0449
Teddy's Air-Conditioning
   (863) 206-5554
The Lakeland Air Conditioning Company
   (863) 859-4090
Top Notch Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.
   (863) 875-5500
Tropic Air, Inc.
   (863) 965-0386
Wards Heating and Air Conditioning
   (863) 646-0020


31 W Insulation
   (813) 621-9632
Aartic Insulation
   (863) 644-7283
AEA (Alternative Energy Applications)
   (813) 685-4999
Chillerz Sprayfoam, LLC.
   (941) 243-8000
Combee Insulation Co, Inc.
   (863) 682-5783
Daniel Insulation
   (727) 572-8990
Tropic Air Inc.
   (863) 965-0386
Polk Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.
   (863) 967-4495
Polk County Insulation
   (863) 967- 4272
Southeast Waterproofing & Coatings, LLC.
   (407) 529-8727

Insulation, Windows, Doors

Florida Remodeling & Designs, Inc.
   (863) 646-2000
Polk County Window & Door, LLC.
   (863) 337-5604
White Aluminum & Windows
   (863) 397-5405

Solar and Solar Hot Water

American Solar Energy
   (863) 859-7800
Solar Source
   (800) 329-1301


Conner Aluminum
   (863) 647-1561
Duggan Construction & Development
   (863) 698-6512
Ferguson Construction and Aluminum
   (863) 698-1139
Florida Lifetime Impact
   (813) 443-5810
Jack Hall's Construction & Aluminum
   (863) 667-0068
Johnson Aluminum Construction
   (863) 967-6523
Polk County Window & Door, LLC.
   (863) 337-5064
Superior Aluminum Installations
   (407) 678-0500
Window World of Polk County
   (863) 665-7164

Customer FAQ

What is ReEnergize Lakeland Finance?
ReEnergize Lakeland Finance is the financing component of the City of Lakeland’s broader sustainability initiative, REEnergize Lakeland. It is managed by Lakeland Electric to provide financing to eligible customers for qualified energy improvements to their homes.

What does ReEnergize Lakeland stand for?
ReEnergize Lakeland stands for the proposition that the city and its residents can adopt practices and technologies that improve their quality of life while reducing costs and energy consumption. REE stands for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. 

Where does the money come from for this? Am I paying for this in my electric bill?
No. The funding for this program was provided to the city from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The City of Lakeland was awarded a $965,100 grant under the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program to reduce energy consumption city-wide. Lakeland’s strategy includes funding for the establishment of a Sustainability Office and the financing program for residential customers.

Who is an eligible customer?
Because this is a new program, we are taking a conservative approach to eligibility. Current eligibility guidelines require a customer to: 1) have been a customer with Lakeland Electric for at least 12 months prior to applying, 2) have the highest credit rating with Lakeland Electric, and 3) be willing to grant a lien on his/her property until paid in full. Additional factors will be taken into consideration in order to qualify for the private sector financing option, such as FICO score, debt-to-income ratio, etc.

What are Qualified Energy Improvements?
Qualified Energy Improvements are defined as either the installation of energy efficiency measures or renewable energy generation systems such as Solar PV panels. Every participating customer will have two options: to install an energy efficiency or solar system from a prescribed list of upgrades, or to have a whole home energy assessment conducted and to install measures identified as having a reasonable rate of return based on the anticipated energy savings. While Lakeland Electric employees will conduct the energy assessments, it is important to note that Lakeland Electric does not guarantee any specific energy savings due to other variables, such as a change in consumption patterns.

How much will this cost me?
The cost of the measures can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to approximately $25,000 to $30,000 for whole home improvements and the installation of solar generation technology. In addition to the zero-interest loan offered by Lakeland Electric, there are a variety of other financial incentives available for these types of expenditures. For a complete list of federal incentives, please refer to the Energy Star website at or the Database of State Renewable Energy Incentives (

How do I go about taking advantage of the program?
Simply contact the Energy Efficiency Programs Coordinator at (863) 834-1245 or visit the Customer Application section to obtain a program application. You have the choice of selecting certain measures to install from a prescribed list, or you can have an energy assessment of your home conducted to identify the most cost-effective measures to install based on the specific characteristics of your house. Simply identify what you want to have done based on the top three recommendations from the energy auditor, obtain a project estimate from a licensed contractor, and submit the application.

What contractors qualify for this program?
All contractors are eligible to participate in the REEnergize Lakeland Finance program, provided that: 1) they are properly licensed, insured, and/or registered to perform the type of work they are seeking reimbursement, 2) are willing to provide accurate information to Lakeland Electric regarding equipment being replaced and how long it takes to complete jobs, 3) are properly licensed to conduct business in the City of Lakeland, and 4) and complete a program application.

If I install a 4kW solar PV system, how much will that reduce my bill every month?
The typical home in the Lakeland Electric service territory uses about 1,300 kWh (kilowatt hours) per month. A 4kW Solar PV system will generate an average of 486 kWh per month. Thus your home energy bill should be reduced by approximately 37% monthly provided that your energy consumption does not increase due to new appliances (such as LCD or plasma televisions, etc.), more people living in your home, or other factors not directly related to the efficiency of your home. Note that this amount will vary depending on your actual energy consumption.

Can I just install the upgrades I want?
Lakeland Electric has developed a list of eligible measures that qualify for financing under the program. This list was developed to ensure a high-level of efficiency is achieved from the expenditure of the funds. For most of the measures, you can obtain a project proposal directly from a contractor for any one or more of the measures based on the characteristics of your specific home. However, for the installation of Solar Photovoltaic Technology, you must first bring your home to a RESNET HERS rating of 80 or below. For more information on this rating system and to find a qualified HERS rater, please review the RESNET website.

How much can I save by implementing Energy Efficiency improvements in my house?
With relatively inexpensive energy efficiency improvements, it is reasonable to assume that you can decrease your energy consumption by 10-15% monthly, while deeper retrofits and renewable energy technology can achieve up to a 30-40% reduction. It is important to note that your energy consumption is largely driven by your personal habits, so you must consciously act to take advantage of certain upgrades such as programmable thermostats.

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A free energy inspection is conducted over the phone about your home by a Lakeland Electric Energy Analyst. The representative will ask you questions about your home's insulation, ductwork, water heating, cooling & heating systems, and overall efficiency. You'll then be provided with the home audit report for your home. The audit report will contain energy-saving recommendations, best practices, and other cost-effective energy-saving measures.
Call (863) 834-9535 to schedule an appointment for your in home or Virtual Home Energy Audit.
Lakeland Electric is pleased to offer you our Energy Toolset. This easy to use tool helps you better understand and manage your home energy use and costs. This online service is a great resource for energy information, and it's free!
Call to schedule your free home energy audit, contact Customer Service at (863) 834-9535 between 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
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Contractor Application and Certification

Contractor FAQ

What is REEnergize Lakeland Finance?
REEnergize Lakeland Finance is the financing component of the City of Lakeland’s broader sustainability initiative, REEnergize Lakeland. This Program is managed by Lakeland Electric to provide financing to eligible Customers for qualified energy improvements to their homes.

What are Qualified Energy Improvements?
Qualified Energy Improvements are defined as either the installation of energy efficiency measures or renewable energy generation systems such as Solar PV panels. Every participating Customer will have two options: 1) to install energy efficiency or solar system from a prescribed list of upgrades, or 2) to have a whole home energy assessment conducted and to install measures identified as having a reasonable rate of return based on the anticipated energy savings. While Lakeland Electric employees will conduct the energy assessments, Lakeland Electric does not guarantee any specific energy savings due to other variables, such as a change in consumption patterns.

What are the eligibility guidelines to be placed on the Approved Contractor’s List?
The City of Lakeland sought to establish a minimum level of eligibility in order to encourage broad participation by home improvement Contractors. The criteria are: 1) Contractors must be properly licensed, certified, and/or registered to conduct business as applicable under Florida law, including maintaining the required levels of insurance; 2) Contractors must be properly licensed to conduct business in the City of Lakeland if installing upgrades to any residence located within the City limits; and 3) Contractors must be willing to provide accurate information to LE with respect to a) the equipment being replaced if the Customer chooses the Contractor-directed option, and b) the number of man-hours used in completing individual jobs.

How can I apply to be placed on the Approved Contractor’s List?
Interested Contractors should review the Terms & Conditions for Contractor participation and complete an application. If you have additional questions, please contact the Chief Sustainability Officer at Lakeland Electric.
What type of information regarding the jobs I complete do I have to provide to Lakeland Electric in order to participate in this Program?
As part of the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) award to the City of Lakeland, the City is required to submit quarterly information to the Department of Energy regarding the amount of energy saved from the expenditure of the EECBG funds and job creation resulting from the expenditure of the funds as defined by the number of man-hours needed to complete individual jobs.

If a Customer chooses to participate in the Contractor-directed process, Lakeland Electric will require specifications of the equipment being replaced, including the estimated efficiency/SEER level if appropriate.
In all cases, we will require the total number of man-hours expended to complete each job. This information must be presented to Lakeland Electric within 24 hours of project completion.

Does Lakeland Electric recommend specific Contractors?
No. The City of Lakeland has created an Approved Contractor’s List to ensure that participating Contractors meet the minimum requirements to conduct business as a Contractor and are willing to provide Lakeland Electric with the information necessary to perform its reporting requirements to the Department of Energy.

How can Customers take advantage of the Program?
There are two methods that Lakeland Electric Customers can take advantage of the Program offers. The first method, the Customer-directed option, requires an energy audit by Lakeland Electric staff to identify the three most cost-efficient upgrades to a person’s home, followed by a project proposal for one or more of those upgrades from an approved Contractor.

The second option allows Contractors to identify necessary upgrades to a Customer’s home during his/her usual course of business and have that Customer submit an application with a project proposal. The Customer must meet the eligibility requirements of the Program and the proposal must be for one or more of the eligible measures.

If I want to market this to my Customers, can I use my own marketing materials?
Contractors are encouraged to market this program to their Customers during their usual course of business. In order to ensure accurate information is being provided to Lakeland Electric customers, any information that uses the REEnergize Lakeland brand must receive prior approval from the Chief Sustainability Officer.

How can I ensure I am paid by the customers when they receive their check?
While neither Lakeland Electric nor the City of Lakeland assumes any liability to ensure that Contractors are actually paid by their Customers upon receipt of any loan proceeds, Lakeland Electric will endeavor to inform the Contractor of record when post-installation inspections will be conducted. We will make every effort to provide loan checks to our Customers at the time of this inspection. However, the City reserves the right to provide loan funds up to 7 days after the date of inspection.