Outdoor Lighting

Improve security for customers and employees at your location.

Lakeland Electric's Outdoor Lighting can improve security and visibility for your business. We offer a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures tailored to illuminate parking areas and business property – all for one convenient monthly fee. The lights automatically come on at dusk and go off at dawn. Our lighting experts are available to conduct a free study of your lighting needs and will recommend the type of lighting fixtures best suited for your business property. What's more, our outdoor lights are hassle-free because Lakeland Electric maintains and repairs the fixtures for you – at no additional cost. If there's ever a problem, just call us, and we'll be there to fix it. 

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Outdoor Lighting FAQs
1. Are there any limitations on where light poles and fixtures can be installed?

Lakeland Electric will install a light on existing Lakeland Electric poles in the rear easement.
However, Lakeland Electric does not install new lighting poles in the rear easement.
Lakeland Electric has the right to refuse to install a light pole if the area is truck-inaccessible.
Lakeland Electric only installs lights on LE-owned poles. Lakeland Electric will not install lights
on buildings or structures.  

2.    What contract is required for new lighting installations?

Non-decorative lights require a 3-year contract.

Decorative lights require a 5-year contract.

3.    What are the charges for new light installations?

There is no upfront cost.

Customers will be billed monthly for energy and maintenance costs. Also, see question 7.

The customer will be responsible for all conduit system installation.

4.    What is involved in upgrading existing lights to LED lights?

 If the lights and/or poles are more than 20 years old, there is no upfront cost.

If the lights and/or poles are less than 20 years old, there will be a one-time fee, which is due
prior to construction.

As of January 2022, the fee is $65 per light and $65 per pole.

A new contract with current pricing is required.

Customers will be billed monthly for energy and maintenance costs. Also, see question 7.

5.    What is the highest wattage for residential lighting?

The highest wattage directional light that Lakeland Electric will install in most residential neighborhoods is a 100 Watt equivalent LED.

6.    What if the newly installed light causes a nuisance to other neighbors?

For new light installations, it is highly encouraged that the requesting customer seeks agreement from surrounding neighbors prior to contacting Lakeland Electric. It is the responsibility of the customer requesting the light to resolve any conflict that arises.

7.    What are some sample monthly charges for different types of private area lights and poles?

Suburban light and 30’ wood pole: approximately $11 - $15 per month.

Directional light and 30’ wood pole: approximately $12- $29 per month

Suburban light and 30’ concrete pole: approximately $13 - $17 per month

Directional light and 30’ concrete pole: approximately $14 - $31 per month

8.    Who do I contact if I live in a community that is governed by a Homeowner’s Association (HOA)?

Contact and obtain the necessary approval from your HOA. Your HOA will then contact LE or the County Lighting District accordingly. Lakeland Electric cannot install lights in a subdivision without HOA authorization.

Outdoor Lighting Removal Request

If you wish to discontinue your Private Area Light(s), we will remove the lighting equipment at no cost to you. Please download and save this form below before entering the information. Once you enter all your information and sign the form, please click on the submit button at the bottom of the form. The form will be emailed to customerservice@lakelandelectric.com for removal. 

Outdoor Lighting Removal Request Form

For more information, call Customer Service (863) 834-9535 from 7:30 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Or email us at customerservice@lakelandelectric.com

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