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What is Average Billing?

Do fluctuations in your monthly utility bill have you stressed out? Are you tired of guessing what your utility bill will be? Do you dread the summer months knowing your cooling costs are going up?

If yes, then Lakeland Electric's Average Billing Plan might be right for you.

Unfortunately, we can't do anything about our hot and humid summer weather. However, we can average your billing amounts based on the last 12 months of your usage. This will smooth out the fluctuations between summer and winter bills. On Average Billing, you'll know exactly what your utility bill will be each month.


  • You must be a residential or small commercial customer.
  • Your account must be in good standing and owe no balance.
  • Shift to Save and Demand price plan customers are not eligible for Average Billing.
  • Enrollment in the Average Billing Program is not recommended on an account with less than 12 months of service at current service address.

How to enroll:

  • Use our easy online form.
  • Customer Service at (863) 834-9535.

Once enrolled:

  • Account must be maintained current to continue in Average Billing.
  • Average Billing customers are not eligible for payment arrangements.
  • Late fees apply.

If your use of water and/or electricity changes from the previous year, we will collect or credit the difference on the 12th bill. This is known as a "true-up."

For example, if you use $150 more in electricity than you did last year, you would owe that extra amount on your 12th bill. Your average monthly bill would then be increased by $12.50 for the next 12 months.

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Sometimes customers need a little more time to pay their electric bills. Our online payment arrangement allows qualifying customers to enter into a binding agreement with Lakeland Electric to extend time to make payments.

The account must have a payment history in good standing.

The account must be active for at least 6 months with Lakeland Electric.

The last payment arrangement must be at least 90 days ago.

Arrangements can be made by calling (863) 834-9535 from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.