Customer Academy

Due to the great response to our Customer Academy 2024, we are currently at full registration capacity. 
If you would like to add your name to our waiting list, reserve your seat below.

Lakeland Electric is excited to offer our customers an up-close and personal look into how we operate and serve our community. Tour our facilities and learn directly from staff about how we make and deliver power to your homes and businesses. 

Want to know the best part? The Lakeland Electric Customer Academy is a FREE, interactive program that allows our customers the opportunity to gain insight into your municipal electric utility.

All Customer Academy sessions will feature industry experts to discuss current public power hot topics. The academy consists of four (4) one-and-a-half-hour sessions every Tuesday from 5:30-7:00 p.m. 

Class registration – sign up by March 22, 2024.
A minimum of 20 registrations must be met to hold this class. If the minimum is not reached, a cancellation notification will be sent to all registrants. A confirmation email will be sent to all registrants on March 22, 2024, with additional details about the first session on March 26, 2024, and a brief survey.

Start date: 
March 26, 2024

 Dinner is provided at each session. Please bring an internet- accessible device to the last two sessions #3 and #4. The sessions are on Tuesdays between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. as follows:
Session #1 March 26, 2024 Utility Overview

What is Lakeland Electric? How does it work?
Tour of System Control & Fiscal Sustainability
501 E. Lemon Street, Conference Room 1A + 1B (Park in Iowa Street garage 
Levels 1A or 2A) Must show photo ID
Session #2 April  2, 2024 Power Generation and Utility Solar
Find out what it takes to keep Lakeland "Powered for Life."
Tour of Unit 5 and a Solar Video (Please wear Closed-Toe flat shoes for the tour)
3030 E. Lake Parker Street at the C.D. McIntosh Power Plant  Gate 8
Session #3 April 9, 2024 Energy Delivery 

How do we deliver the power to your home?
Tour of Energy Delivery and a Lineman Demonstration.
(Please wear closed-toe flat shoes for the tour.)
1140 E. Parker Street
Session #4 April 16, 2024 Customer Service and Graduation
Explore the programs available to help you lower costs,
manage your electric use, improve your energy efficiency 
and make surprise bills a thing of the past!
Energy Efficiency, Rebates, Digital Energy Toolset, and Graduation Celebration!
501 E. Lemon Street, Conference Room 1A + 1B (Park in Iowa Street garage 
Levels 1A or 2A) Must show photo ID
Power plant tour