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Automatic Bank Draft

Lakeland Electric EZ-Pay is the stress-free way to pay your bill on time every month. Because your payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account, you don’t have to worry about paying it on time.

E-Bill & Pay


One-Time E-Payment

Quick Payment is a fast, easy, and convenient payment service offered to Lakeland Electric customers. Please have a copy of your utility bill available to complete this transaction. A $2.95 fee for using this service will be charged to your bank, credit, or debit account. 

Automated Telephone System

Customers may now access their utility account(s) by telephone 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day with little to no wait time.

United States Postal Service (USPS)


In-Person Locations


Lakeland Electric Drop box


Payment Arrangement

Sometimes customers need a little more time to pay their electric bills. Our online payment extension allows qualifying customers to enter into a binding agreement with Lakeland Electric to extend time to make payments.

Billing Options

Pay As You Go

Lakeland Electric’s newest billing program for residential customers is Pay As You Go (PAG).

Average Billing Program

Lakeland Electric’s Average Billing Plan allows you to pay a fixed amount each month.

Payment Arrangements

Sometimes customers need a little more time to pay their electric bills.

Delay Days

Delay days is available for customers who get once a month and need to change the due date of their bill to accommodate their pay day.

Start, Stop, Move Service

Price Plans



Standard Rate

Most Lakeland Electric customers are billed for their electricity usage based on the Standard Rate Plan. Monthly bill cycle kilowatt hours (kWhs) are used to determine the Standard Residential (RS) rate multiplier.

Shift To Save Rate

If you can “shift” some of the power you use to a different time of day, this new rate option will give you an opportunity to save money.

Demand Rate

Monthly bill cycle kilowatt hour (kWhs) are multiplied times the Residential Demand (RSD) kWh rate, which is currently $0.0592429. The kWh and kWd monthly costs are added, the monthly totals are added to provide annual results to the customer.



Non-Demand Rate


Small Demand Rate


Large Demand Rate


Shift To Save

Commercial customers have the potential to see lower electric bills with our Shift-to-Save price plan. With this program, companies receive a reduced rate when using electricity during "off-peak" times when Lakeland Electric’s total customer demand for power is lowest.

Tax Exempt Information


Programs & Services


ReEnergize Lakeland


Customer Academy

The Lakeland Electric Customer Academy is a free, interactive informational program that allows you, our customer, the opportunity to gain insight into your community-owned electric utility and discuss energy industry “hot topics” with subject matter experts.

Project Care

As a City-Owned utility, our goal is to provide Lakeland with reliable electric service but we also feel it is our responsibility to help improve the quality of life for our customers.

Medically Essential Service

We know that for individuals with a medical condition that requires the use of life-sustaining equipment, reliable power is a vital necessity. The Medically Essential Service Program allows us to provide special consideration for those individuals.

Outdoor Lighting


Surge Protection


Outages & Storms


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