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Comparison of Incandescent Christmas Lights vs. LED Christmas Lights

With all the talk of LED Christmas lights, many consumers have begun to seriously consider switching from the traditional incandescent Christmas lights to LED lights. However, the higher cost of LED lights has become a hurdle consumers have trouble justifying.
Below is a simple table comparing the different features and specifications for these two types of lights:

Different Bulbs

Incandescent C7/C9 Light Bulbs

LED C7/C9 Light Bulbs

Incandescent String Lights

LED String Lights
Power Consumption (per bulb) 5 or 7 Watts 0.35 Watts 0.48 Watts ~0.1 Watt
Bulb Material Glass Injection-molded plastic with facets to reflect light Glass Injection-molded plastic with facets to reflect light
Average Rated Life (hours) 3,000 50,000 (15 times longer than incandescent) 2,500 100,000 (39 times more than incandescent)
Bulb Shape Traditional oval Traditional oval Traditional minilight C6 (Strawberry), G12 (Raspberry), M6 (Mini-ice), Polka-Dot, Snowflake, Star
UL listed/CSA-US approved UL listed CSA-US approved UL listed UL listed
Average cost (per bulb) $0.20 $1.60 (7 times more than incandescent) $0.08 $0.26 (2-1/2 times more than incandescent)

How much are your old Incadescent Christmas Lights costing you?


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Outdoor inflatable


Outdoor inflatable yard decorations are popular. They range from a simple blow-up cartoon character to an 8-foot tall globe with rotating internal figures. Some even have re-circulated "snow" and lights.

A large, static snow globe consumes about 150 watts, while a rotating carousel consumes around 200 watts. For a month season, 16 hours per day, the total electricity cost would be $9 - $12 for one of these inflatable yard displays.

That is on the assumption that folks will want to keep the display inflated during daylight hours, but not all night.  If you keep it on 24 hours, a day the cost a full month would be in the $14 to $18 dollar range.

How much are your old Incadescent Christmas Lights costing you?

INFO: C7 bulbs are smaller than C9 bulbs by 1 inch. C7 bulbs are 2 inches long and C9 bulbs are 3 inches long. C7 bulbs sit in a base known as a candelabra base and can only fit in this specific type of base. C9 bulbs sit in a base known as an intermediate base. C9 bulbs will only work in an intermediate base.

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