Virtual-Home Energy Audit

A free energy inspection is conducted over the phone about your home by a Lakeland Electric Energy Analyst. The representative will ask you questions about your home's insulation, ductwork, water heating, cooling & heating systems and overall efficiency. You'll then be provided with the home audit report for your home. The audit report will contain energy-saving recommendations, best practices and other cost-effective energy-saving measures.

Call (863) 834-9535 to schedule an appointment for your virtual home energy audit.
Online Energy Toolset

Lakeland Electric is pleased to offer you our Energy Toolset. Our Energy Toolset will help you better understand and manage your home energy use and costs. This online service is a great resource for energy information and it’s free!

Commercial Energy Audit

Your cost for electricity is an important factor that directly impacts your company’s bottom line. Receiving a free energy audit could save your company money that could be utilized elsewhere.

Commercial Energy Audits are performed by highly trained and experienced energy experts who will thoroughly examine your business by checking:

  • Heating and air-conditioning systems
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Lighting
  • Water Heating
  • Motors
  • Process Equipment
  • Your building's thermal characteristics to detect areas of heat loss and gain

After gathering this information, Lakeland Electric representatives will discuss what steps you can take to operate your equipment and business more efficiently.

REEnergize Lakeland

The REEnergize Lakeland Finance program is a financing option for Lakeland Electric Customers who wish to upgrade their homes to become more energy efficient. >> Read More