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What is an e-bill?

An e-bill, or electronic bill is an exact replica, with all the same details as the paper statement that you receive each month but in an electronic PDF format for viewing, printing or saving to an electronic folder on your computer.

What is an online billing and payment service?

An online billing and payment service is a personalized and secure website where you can receive, view and pay your bill each month.

What are the benefits of using an online billing and payment service?

Receive and view your bill, schedule and check the status of your payments, and file your bills from one secure website at your convenience. Save time, postage and be worry free with a 100% guarantee that your e-bill payment will processed safely, securely and on time!

How do I sign up to pay my bill online?

To speed up the enrollment process, have your paper bill, banking information and the e-mail address you want to use to receive e-bill notifications available. Enrollment will take just a few minutes by logging onto lakelandelectric.com and enrolling your account in e-Services and selecting the e-bill option. Once enrolled, you will be able to view your recent bills and schedule a payment for any outstanding balances.

Can Commercial accounts enroll in the e-bill program?

Yes, to enroll a commercial account on e-bill you will need your account number, company name and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for authentication. 

Can multiple users’ access business/commercial accounts?

Yes, as long as you have the account number, company name and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for authentication each user can set up unique log on and passwords for access to e-bill.

Reminder: Once the account is enrolled in e-bill the paper bills will stop so it will be important to notify anyone needing access to the bill that it will no longer be mailed.

If you need assistance setting up multiple users please e-mail customer service at customerservice@lakelandelectric.com.

When can I start making payments?

If you are an established Lakeland Electric account holder, once enrolled, you can start making payments as soon as you have a bill due.

If you are a new Lakeland Electric account holder and your account has NOT billed for the first time you will not be able to enroll or make electronic payments via e-bill until the account bills for the first time and you receive a paper bill.

Will I continue to receive a paper bill?

No, once you are enrolled in the program you will no longer receive a paper bill via the United States Postal Service. Your bills will arrive to you via the e-mail address you provided upon enrollment with a link that you can use to log onto your account. Once logged on, you will be able to view, save and print the PDF version of your bill and schedule a payment.

How do I make a payment?

There are two ways to pay your bill online.

You can go paperless, enroll in the e-bill program, and receive your bill electronically each month. When a new bill arrives, follow the link provided in your e-mail notification and log onto your account. Once logged in, select the e-bill option and from the “Recent Bills” page, click on the “View/Pay Bill” action button and schedule your payment. From the recent bills landing page you can also click on the “Bills” tab at the top of the screen and go to “View Bills History” where you will see the remaining balance, account number and due date. Here you can pay and file your most recent bills. It’s that easy!

Still need a paper bill but want to pay online? We have a convenient one-time payment option where for a fee of $2.95 you can pay your bill using a checking account or credit card. Once you receive a confirmation number the payment will post to your Lakeland Electric utility account (business-days between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM) within the hour.

Can I establish regularly scheduled payments?

Yes, once logged onto your e-bill account, go to the “payment” option at the top of the screen, select “View Recurring Payment”, and add a new recurring payment. You can schedule a recurring payment from your checking or savings account for the full amount of your bill on the due date each month or schedule a fixed amount to be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

When will my e-bill “scheduled” payment begin to process?

That depends on which option you choose, ASAP or a Scheduled Payment on a future date

ASAP Option – Payments scheduled using this option should be scheduled before 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and post to your utility account the following business day. Payments scheduled after 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time can take up to 3-business days to process and post to your account. (Note: The exact timing of any payment will be defined by computer servers owned by the e-billing vendor, Kubra Data Transfer, LTD and/or the payment processor, Chase Paymentech)

Scheduled Payment Option – The payment will begin to process on the date you selected for the payment. If you choose a holiday or non-business day to schedule a payment it will begin to process the business-day prior to the holiday.  E billing will routinely credit your utility account on the business day following the payment date.

Banking holidays based on the Federal Reserve calendar are, New Year’s Day, Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

ASAP payments initiated after the due date shown on your bill could lead to interruption of your utility service. Please ensure that you initiate your payment with sufficient time to avoid interruption of your utility service.

If you are within 3-business days of the “Cut-Off” date shown on your bill you will NOT have the option to schedule your payment via e-bill and you will be prompted to make a one-time fee based payment.

NOTE: Any payment initiated after the due date printed on your bill could lead to an interruption of your utility service.

How do I know what payment I have scheduled or completed?

Log onto your e-bill account and review your payment history.
  • After scheduling your payment you can view/change or cancel your payment. Before the scheduled payment date the e-bill “Payment History” page will show the payment as “Scheduled” and you can cancel this payment at any time as long as the status of that payment is showing “Scheduled” and the “Cancel” button is still in view.
  • When the payment is submitted to the payment processor, Chase Paymentech, the payment status will change to “Pending” and you will no longer have the ability to cancel this payment.
  • Once we receive a response from the payment processor the status of the payment will show “Approved” or “Rejected”.
  • The payment history on your e-bill account will be available for 12-months.
  • Please note that you must review your “Notifications” page to ensure that you have set up your account to receive the payment notification and confirmations that you want.

Can I cancel a scheduled payment?

  • Yes, you may cancel a scheduled e-bill payment as long as the payment status of that payment still shows as “Scheduled.” Once the payment status changes to “Pending” you will no longer have the ability to cancel the payment.
  • ASAP payment status changes from “Scheduled” to “Pending” very quickly and there is a very small window if time in which to cancel an ASAP payment. Please ensure that you double check all of the payment information BEFORE you process an ASAP payment to ensure that it is correct before you receive a confirmation number.
  • ALWAYS check the “Payment History” after scheduling ANY payment via your e-bill account before you log out. This will avoid the posting of incorrect amounts, double payments, etc.
  • Please remember that failure to pay your bill by the due date could result in the interruption of your utility service.

How can I confirm that my payment has been processed?

  • The best way to check that your payment has processed is to log onto your e-bill account and check the “Payment History.”
  • By clicking on the “Details/Action” of the payment you will be able to see the “Status” of your payment. If the status shows “Approved” the payment processor, Chase Paymentech has processed your payment.
  • The “Remit” date is when the e-bill vendor, Kubra Data Transfer, LTD sent your payment to Lakeland Electric for posting to your account.

What happens to scheduled payments if I cancel my e-bill enrollment?

  • Scheduled payments will still be processed.
  • If you do NOT want the scheduled payment to be processed, log onto your e-bill account and cancel any scheduled payments prior to cancelling your e-bill enrollment.

What happens to a scheduled payment if I delete the bank account that was selected for that payment?

  • If the payment status is “Scheduled” the payment will be cancelled.
  • If the payment status is “Pending” it has already been submitted to the payment processor, Chase Paymentech using the previous banking information enrolled for your e-bill and cannot be cancelled.
  • If you are changing your banking information and the status is still showing “Scheduled” you can cancel the payment, delete the previous banking information, enroll the new banking information and re-schedule the payment using the new banking information.

How do I change my banking information?

  • Sign onto your e-bill account and select “Payment Accounts” at the top of the screen. Once there you can add or delete banking accounts.
  • Please note that you MUST have at least one bank account enrolled in order to schedule payments using your e-bill account.

How does the e-bill vendor, Kubra Data Transfer, LTD keep my banking information safe?

  • SSL – The vendor uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers) which ensures that your connection and information are secure from outside inspection.
  • Encryption – The vendor uses a 128-bit encryption to make your information unreadable as it passes over the internet.
  • Automatic Sign-Out – The vendor automatically signs you out of a session if you are inactive for 10-minutes.

How do I change my name, address, phone number or e-mail address?

  • Most change options are available to you via your e-Services account and you will be able to make those changes there.
  • Please note that name changes require official documentation and you will need to provide the documentation to customer service to facilitate the change. Please e-mail us at customerservice@lakelandelectric.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I pay my balance in full or extend my due date?

  • You can pay your balance in full at any time using your e-bill account.
  • You cannot extend your due date using your e-bill account. If you need to extend your due date and your account is eligible for a payment extension, log onto your e-Services account and select the “Payment Arrangement” option.
  • Reminder: Please ensure that you pay close attention to the due date of your bill so that your payment posts to your Lakeland Electric account to avoid an interruption of your utility service.

How do I cancel my e-bill enrollment?

You can cancel your e-bill enrollment at any time via your e-Services account.

Can I still be enrolled in e-Services and not enroll in e-bill?

  • Yes, you can be enrolled in e-Services and not be enrolled in the e-bill program.
  • If you are NOT enrolled in the e-bill program you will NOT be able to view and pay your bill online via e-Services


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