Deposit Information


Residential Customers

Is a Deposit Required? Lakeland Electric will request an Experian credit check with your authorization. Your social security number is used to obtain this free service, which determines if your security deposit can be waived. This is only available to the person contacting Lakeland Electric with the request by phone or e-mail. If you are an existing customer and transferring service to a new address, any previous deposit will be automatically transferred to your new account.

Residential utility customers shall be required to pay a minimal deposit to the City of Lakeland as follows for connection of service:

  • Electric Service $150.00 
  • Water Service $30.00
  • Wastewater $35.00
  • Solid Waste and Recycling $15.00
  • Storm Water $10.00
  • Polk County Sewer (if applicable) $110.00

1. Special Housing Deposit: 
Customers who are applying for services at a public housing unit of the Lakeland Housing Authority and who do not have an existing residential utility deposit account for the requested services shall be allowed to pay the required utility deposit with an initial deposit of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) and Twenty Dollars monthly installments (replace with: monthly installments in the amount of Twenty Dollars) until the total deposit is paid. 

2. Applicants for service that can prove an Acceptable Payment History may have the deposit requirement waived. An Acceptable Payment History is defined as when a customer has not had any of the following incidents within the previous twelve (12) month period: 

  • Two (2) cutoffs
  • Two (2) dishonored check
  • Write off
  • Balance due on a prior final bill
  • Meter tampering
  • Electric energy diversion 

3. Customers applying for service, who had service within the past twelve (12) months; upon terminating service had an Acceptable Payment History at the time the account was terminated; may have their deposit waived. 

4. Deposit requirements may also be modified by delaying the deposit payment if the applicant produces documentation stating that a social service agency will pay their deposit. 

5. Applicants who already have electric and/or water service with the City of Lakeland, and who meet the requirements of Acceptable Payment History as defined herein, may activate a second service for up to two (2) weeks without placing an additional deposit. 

6. Applicants for service that can prove an excellent credit score may have the deposit requirement waived or modified. 

7. Depending on the credit history, the deposit required may be up to two (2) times the average monthly utility cost for that service location.

Commercial Customers

Commercial customers shall be required to pay to the City of Lakeland a deposit to provide service to commercial establishments. The deposit shall be an amount equal to two times the average bill at the commercial establishment. The deposit may be in the form of cash, check, credit or debit card, a surety bond issued from a good and sufficient surety company authorized to do business in the State of Florida, or an irrevocable letter of credit from a reputable financial institution that holds a branch within the service territory of the City of Lakeland and licensed to do business in the State of Florida, which shall continue in effect for all the time that utility services are provided.

In the case of large demand customers: 
1. They may pay an initial, annual, recurring, deposit exemption fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) to cover the City of Lakeland’s costs of monitoring the account’s creditworthiness; 

2. Maintain a credit score from Dunn and Bradstreet equal to or greater than five hundred (500) as of the date of the application and during the previous twelve (12) month period. 

3. The account has maintained an Acceptable Payment History during the preceding twelve (12) month period. 

4. Any costs associated with evaluating a security offered under this provision or cost associated with protecting the City’s interest therein shall be borne by the customer. Surety bonds and irrevocable letters of credit shall be issued for an initial period of not less than two (2) years and may not be canceled without sixty (60) days prior notice to the City of Lakeland. 

The City of Lakeland shall continuously monitor the payment history and creditworthiness of those Commercial Accounts who have qualified for the exemptions. In the event a Commercial Account fails to maintain an Acceptable Payment or the additional criteria required for those Commercial Accounts qualified above, the Commercial Account shall be required to provide a Security Deposit in the full amount required by this Ordinance.

Construction Deposits

- At the time of application for service, a deposit in the amount of $100.00 per electric meter will be required for metered temporary service for residential construction.

- Deposits for other than single-phase service shall be determined by the Department of Electric and Water Utilities on a case-by-case basis. 

Landlord / Real Estate Deposits

Landlords or Real Estate Agents with acceptable payment history or an acceptable credit score, wishing to activate service in multiple residences may post a separate "blanket" deposit of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) for up to five (5) sites. If the Customer applying for such multiple services already has an office account, the Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) "blanket" deposit may be added to the office account. 

For each additional residential location, a deposit will be required as follows: 

  • Electric Service $150.00

  • Water Service $30.00

  • Wastewater $35.00

  • Solid Waste and Recycling $15.00

  • Stormwater $10.00

  • Polk County Sewer (if applicable) $110.00 

With either scenario, the deposit will be held until all accounts are finalized. In order to process a refund, the bills must be paid or transferred to the blanket account, so the deposit can be applied against all final charges.


Refund of Deposits

Cash deposits made by residential or commercial customers shall be refunded at such time as the customer discontinues electric and/or water service, provided that all final charges for electric and/or water service have been paid in full at the time the customer discontinues said service. Surety bonds or irrevocable letters of credit posted in lieu of such deposits shall be canceled upon payment of the final bill for electric and/or water service, after customer discontinues service. Residential customers who demonstrate a satisfactory utility credit history for one (1) consecutive year may have their deposit credited to their current bill. Any deposits retained at time of termination of the account will automatically be applied to any outstanding bill, and any remainder shall be refunded.

Deposit Increases

Residential Deposits 

The Customer Service Division has been granted the authority to increase the amount of the utility deposit required, or reinstate the deposit if it has been waived, modified, or refunded when any utility customer fails to maintain an Acceptable Payment History. The customer will receive a written notice of not less than five (5) business days of a required security deposit increase. The customer will be required to have a deposit with the City of Lakeland to equal the minimum amount of twice the average monthly bill and will be billed over a six (6) month period.

Unacceptable Payments History for Residential Customers

  • Disconnected twice within a 12 month period;
  • Two (2) dishonored checks within a 12 month period;
  • Write Off;
  • Balance due on prior final bill;
  • Meter tampering; or
  • Electric energy diversion 

Commercial Deposits 

All Commercial Accounts are subject to periodic review by the City and subsequent adjustment to maintain the amount of security required by the Ordinance. When an increased Security Deposit is required, the Customer will be notified by U.S. Mail and, if the customer has previously posted a cash deposit with the City, the increased Security Deposit shall be billed to the Customer in equal installments over a period of six (6) months from the recalculation date. In the event the customer has posted a surety bond or letter of credit, the customer shall provide new or properly amended bonds or letters of credit in the full amount of the recalculated Security Deposit within ninety (90) days of the recalculation date. 

Unacceptable Payments History for Commercial Customers

  • The account has been disconnected for non-payment; 
  • One (1) dishonored check; 
  • Meter tampering; 
  • Electric energy diversion; or 
  • More than two (2) delinquent payments.

If a Commercial Account expands its business to a new service address, the Commercial Account shall be required to: 

1. Increase their current Security Deposit to include and cover the new address; or 

2. Provide a separate Security Deposit in accordance with this ordinance for the new service address.