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Tree Trimming

Lakeland Electric has a comprehensive vegetation management program to keep the power lines clear. By trimming the trees in your neighborhood every 3 years, our customers experience fewer power outages. This sensible schedule, to trim the tree just prior to when the branches approach the power lines, prevents momentary outages can affect the sensitive appliances in your house. Our strategic program keeps all of the utility equipment clear of vines and overgrown vegetation can obscure conductors. This is especially important during storms. Repairs are expedited when the power lines can be quickly assessed and vegetation does not impede access to our equipment. Tree trimming is essential for safe and reliable electric service.

Wood Chips

Tree limbs that are pruned for the power lines are chipped into wood chips that make an excellent ground cover for driveways and parking areas.  If you have a use for wood chips, we have an abundant supply.

REEnergize Lakeland

The REEnergize Lakeland Finance program is a financing option for Lakeland Electric Customers who wish to upgrade their homes to become more energy efficient. >> Read More