Express Pay Kiosks

Throughout Lakeland, the kiosks allow you to pay your utility bill or other city accounts when it’s convenient. The kiosk, available 24/7, accept cash, check and credit or deb it payments. There is a $1.00 dollar convenience fee for cash payments. Other forms of payments fees are processed for $2.75.

The kiosk locations are:

  • What Forms of Payment does the kiosk accept?

-         The kiosk accepts, cash, check, credit and pin-less debit cards.

  • Is there a convenience fee to use the kiosk?

-         Yes – Cash - $1.00, Check/Credit/Debit cards - $2.75

  • When will a payment made at the kiosk be posted to my utility account?

-         The payment should immediately post to your utility account.

  • Can I pay other City of Lakeland services using the ExpressPay kiosks?

-         Yes

-         The most likely non-utility account classifications to be paid via the Express Pay kiosk:

·        Cemetery Sales – payments on cemetery plots purchases

·        Cemetery Invoicing – Funeral Homes billed for Opening Grave and Lot Sales

·        Miscellaneous AR (No Collection) - Costs incurred to the City of Lakeland due to vehicle accidents, Lien payoff fees, benefits billings and various services provided by different department throughout the City.

·        Parking Lease – leasing of parking spaces downtown (this is not the same as parking citations)

·        Risk Management – Mostly damage to City property

·        Transmission and Distribution – Damage to City property due accidents

·        Traffic - Damage to City property due traffic accidents

·        Lakeland Police Department Security – Security for different events and businesses

  • Where can I find an ExpressPay kiosk?

-         Lakeland Electric Drive Through – 501 E. Lemon Street

-         Town Center – 989 E. Memorial Blvd.

-         Larry R Jackson Library – 1700 N. Florida Avenue

-         Kelly Recreation Complex – 404 Imperial Blvd.

  • When are the kiosks available for use to make a payment?

-         The kiosk can be used 24-hours a day 365-days a year so you can make a payment at a location and time that is convenient for you.

  • Does the machine give back change?

-         No, any over payment will post to the utility account as a credit towards the next bill.

  • Does the machine accept coins?

-         No, the machine does not accept coins.

  • When making cash payments, how many bills can I insert at a time?

-         The bill accepter will only read one bill at a time so if you are making a large payment we suggest you use bill denominations of 20, 50, or 100 for the bulk of your payment and smaller denominations for the remainder. IE: $254.78 payment could be made using 2-$100-bills, 1-$50 and 1$5. 

  • Does the kiosk store any account or payment information?

-         No, the kiosk uses a wireless connection to a secure cloud based system and no information is stored on the kiosk itself.

  • What are my receipt options?

-         The customer has a choice to receive a receipt via paper, text or e-mail.

  • Can I pay more than one account at a time?

-         No, each account payment must be separate transactions.

  • Who can I contact if I have a problem with or have a question about the kiosk?

-         Please contact customer service by phone at 863-834-9535 or via the email at Hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Is a payment drop-box still available for use?

-         Yes, there is a payment drop-box at the Lakeland Electric drive through and all payments dropped in the box will post to the utility account on the next business day.

  • What time are the drop-box payments picked up each day?

-         At approximately 7:30 a.m. each business day. It is not recommended that customers use this method of payment if there are less than 48-hours from a pending disconnection of service.

  • Can the bill reader detect counterfeit currency?

-         Yes, the bill reader uses technology to detect fraudulent currency and will reject it.


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