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Pick Your Due Date

Wait, I can pick MY due date?


Do you feel like you are running around trying to fit everything into your everyday schedule? Our schedules can be filled with going to the grocery store, post office, work, school events… well, you get the picture. You can have a lot going on! Now, have you ever wished you could move your bill’s due date just one day or one week, so it aligns with your paycheck? If you answered yes, we are here to help! We are now offering a convenient solution to choose a due date that works best for you!

What is Pick Your Due Date?


Our Pick Your Due Date program offers our customers the flexibility to choose a due date that works best for them. Customers who are receiving fixed social security or retirement benefits, employees who are paid monthly, or anyone wanting to better manage their budget may find benefit from this program. Pick Your Due Date is free, simple, and will not affect your billing or payment method.

Request a date that fits with your cash flow – for example, three days after you receive your paycheck. Some important points about the program:

    Things To Keep In Mind



    • You must be a residential customer.

    • Your account must be in good standing and owe no balance.

    How to enroll:

    • Use our easy online form.

    • Or, call our Customer Service at (863) 834-9535.

    Once enrolled:

    • Your account must be maintained current to continue in Pick Your Due Date.

    • Pick Your Due Date customers are not eligible for a Payment Arrangement.

    We are here to make scheduling your bill easier. Now, go Pick Your Due Date!

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