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Florida Lineman Appreciation Day

Florida Lineman Appreciation Day

Every year on August 26th, Lakeland Electric takes the time to remember the hard work our lineworkers do each and every day to keep the lights on in Lakeland. Our lineworkers are essential and are appreciated for keeping the electricity flowing to our customers. During the pandemic, they continue to work hard every day. These workers serve our community and face hazards so that we are able to enjoy the comfort of our homes and businesses. Without the dedication, hard work, and efficiency of our lineworkers, Lakeland would be a lot less bright.

Many of us take electricity for granted until it goes out. Lineworkers risk their lives every day in the name of public interest but are rarely celebrated as heroes. Their faces aren’t common on billboards, and they don’t have household names. They are workers who make sure the power stays on in homes and businesses across Florida. In the event of a disaster, they often pave the way for first responders.

Here at Lakeland Electric, we have top quality lineworkers. Their duties range from restoring electricity due to power outages, repairing fallen powerlines, quickly responding after storms, and so much more. While our lineworkers are on the job, their number one priority is safety for both themselves and the community. Being a lineworker is more than a job. Being a lineworker means being a part of a family that looks out for each other.

If you see a lineman on the 26th of this month or any other day, be sure to wave hello and thank them from a safe distance, of course. We’re sure they would appreciate it! And, the next time you flip on a switch or sit in the A/C remember the lineworker helped make it possible.

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