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Beat the Peak

“As the utility world evolves, so do customer’s choices.  It is important for our customers to become more involved and knowledgeable about the way they personally consume energy and how their energy habits affect their costs – for the better or worse.” -Joel Ivy, General Manager, Lakeland Electric

This is why we have designed Pick A Plan, to help you understand your options and how our plans can make a difference.

·         Pick A Plan consists of three parts:

1.       Pick a Price Plan

2.       Pick a Billing Plan

3.       Pick a Payment Method

·         Price Plans

o   Similar to how cell phone companies offer different price plans that best fit their customer’s personal phone usage, Lakeland Electric offers different electricity price plans for our customers.

o   A new tool on the Lakeland Electric website can calculate which Price Plan would save you money on your electric bill, using consumption information provided by your smart meter.

o   There are three residential customer price plans:

-  Standard - Most Lakeland Electric customers are billed for their electricity usage based on the Standard Price Plan. On this price plan, customers who use 1,000 kilowatt hours (kWH) or less in one billing period pay 5.099¢ per kWh. Customers who use 1,001 to 1,500 kWh in one billing period pay 5.660¢ per kWh. And, customers who use more than 1,500 kWh in one billing period pay 6.221¢ per kWh.

-  *Shift to Save -  If you can “shift” some of the power you use to a different time of day, this new pricing plan will give you an opportunity to save money. The Shift to Save Price Plan features three different Monday-through-Friday “pricing periods” – Off-Peak (lowest cost – 2.331¢ per kWh), Mid-Peak (mid-cost – 7.736¢ per kWh) and On-Peak (highest cost – 12.893¢). In addition, weekends and holidays are Off-Peak. Your bill will be calculated according to how many kilowatt hours (kWh) you use during each of those pricing periods. 

-  *Demand -  With the Demand Price Plan you can save money based on the time of day you use electricity and by avoiding the use of major appliances at the same time. Customers pay a lower price for their electricity (2.232¢) but incur a demand charge ($4.80 per kW) each billing period for their highest 30-minute kW measurement during the peak period. To understand the Residential Demand rate, you need to understand the differences between energy and demand:

·         Energy = the amount of power consumed over a period of time (kWh). This is similar to your car odometer measuring how far you have travelled.

·         Demand = the power needed at a point in time (kW). This is similar to your car speedometer measuring how fast you are travelling.

·         Billing Plans

o   Standard Monthly Billing – Pay for your electricity all at once approximately 28 days after you have used it.

o   Average Billing - Lakeland Electric’s Average Billing Plan allows you to pay a fixed amount each month. The fixed amount will be based on the average cost of consumption based utility services (electric, water, and wastewater) you received at your home from the previous 12 months of billing.

o   Pay As You Go - Just like putting gas in your car – with Pay As You Go, you pay for your electricity first, and then use it. Customers create an initial credit on their account of at least $25.00 including unbilled charges at the time of setup. Lakeland Electric will provide electricity and other utilities as long as there is a credit balance in the account. Customers can add funds to their account whenever they choose and for whatever amount they wish. Customers can also set up an automatic bank draft for their account that will periodically add funds based on your individual settings.

·         Payment Methods - 8 Ways to Pay

o   Kiosk

o   Automatic Bank Draft

o   Website (No Fee)

o   Website (With Fee)

o   Automated Telephone System

o   United States Postal Service (USPS)

o   In-person locations

o   Lakeland Electric Drop Box

*If customers choose to go onto the Shift to Save Price Plan or the Demand Price Plan, they are eligible for the Beat the Peak Rebate, which provides a rebate for the purchase and installation of a hot water heater timer and a programmable HVAC thermostat.

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