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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Irma feels like it was just yesterday, but that does not mean now is the time to let our guard down. Hurricane season is about to start up again on June 1st. Now is the time to begin preparing for this year’s storms.

One way to prepare for the upcoming season is by coming out to the annual “Ready Night” baseball game. This year the game will be on May 23rd at Joker Marchant Stadium. Not only will you and the family enjoy watching the Flying Tigers take on the Palm Beach Cardinals, but you will also receive important information about how to prepare your home and loved ones for hurricanes. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. with the first pitch at 6:30 p.m. Join us for a night of preparedness displays, trivia questions, PSA audio and video messages, and games/contests!

Another way to prepare for storm season is by checking out our Hurricane Guide. Every year, we provide both print and digital copies of our most up to date Hurricane information. There is something for the whole family in the guide: Parents, grandparents, kids, and even pets! Follow this link to find our guide and bookmark it on your computer: https://lakelandelectric.com/hurricaneguide You may even want to print out the guide and store it in a watertight container to make sure it is safe before, during, and after a storm hits.

An important way to ensure that your family is prepared for the season is to have a 3-Day Emergency kit stored safely in your home. Some items that should be in a hurricane kit include:

-          Battery Operated Items (NOAA radio, flashlights, etc.) and extra batteries

-          Canned and non-perishable food and a can opener. Include specialty food if needed

-          Drinking water in non-breakable containers (one gallon per day, per person)

-          Fully charged cell phone and car charger and/or back-up battery charger

-          First Aid Kit, Prescription Medicine, and personal aids such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.

-          Identification, credit cards, extra cash, extra car keys, and valuable papers and policies in a waterproof container

-          Specialty items for infants, elderly, disabled, and pets

-          One sleeping bag or blanket per person

-          A change of clothes and shoes per person

Before a storm hits, you should also check to make sure all necessary medical arrangements are in place. Have a plan for essential medicine or medical equipment that require power, such as oxygen concentrator, CPAP machine, insulin, etc. If special medical attention is needed, call the Polk County Special Needs Program to pre-register at 863-298-7027. Lakeland Electric understands that some customer’s medical condition requires the use of life-sustaining equipment that rely on power. Remember our Medically Essential Service Program is designed to provide reasonable prior notice of power interruption due to scheduled service maintenance. In an emergency power outage, like a hurricane, it is our customer’s responsibility to have a power back-up for their medical equipment, as well as an action plan for proceeding to the nearest medical facility. To sign-up for the Medically Essential Service Program to be notifies of non-emergency power interruption or to check if you or someone in your family qualifies click here: https://tinyurl.com/y856orgd

Before Hurricane season, be sure to call (863)834-9535 to verify your phone number with a customer service representative or go online to lakelandelectric.com/Customers. Click on “My Account” to log in and access your information. We need your current phone number on file for the automated outage system to work properly.

Now’s the time to start thinking of your plans for Hurricane season before it is too late. Make small efforts everyday so you and your family are not rushing around as a hurricane lingers off our coast. Now’s the time to prepare! Are you ready?