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Ratings Press Releases

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Lakeland, Florida, September 4th, 2018 – Three major credit rating agencies, Moody’s Investors Service, Fitch Ratings, and Standard & Poor (S&P) have affirmed Lakeland Electric’s Rating Outlooks, continuing Lakeland Electric’s positive trend toward healthy financial metrics.

Moody’s affirmed the Aa3 credit rating of Lakeland Electric’s system bonds. Fitch Ratings affirmed the ‘AA-’rating and deemed the outlook as Positive. S&P assigned Lakeland Electric its 'AA' long-term rating.

Lakeland Electric fared well despite the challenges from Hurricane Irma in 2017. Factor’s sited by the agencies included Lakeland Electric’s “competitive rates that are below the state average” and its “solid asset generation mix” provided by the utility’s own gas- and coal-fired power plants. Lakeland Electric continues to have some of the lowest rates in Florida.

“Thanks to our strong energy production fleet, like McIntosh 5 and 3, and our ability to diversify how we produce and procure power, our customers are well positioned for the future” said Joel Ivy, General Manager of Lakeland Electric.

To view the press releases by each credit agency, please visit this link:

S&P Ratings
Fitch Ratings
Moody’s Rating

Welcome to the team, Pike Crews!
Pike utility truck Pike Utility truck with equipment

Welcome to the team, Pike Crews!

Currently, we are partnering up with North Carolina based Pike Electric to tackle the backlog of poles that need to be repaired according to our last Osmose inspection. (You can find out more about the work Osmose does here: https://lakelandelectric.com/About-Us/News-Events/postid/1396/the-2016-pole-plant-management-award.)

In rare cases, these contracted employees may need access to your backyard in order to reach the poles that need repair. If you are unsure of who is asking for access to your backyard, please do not hesitate to ask for ID verification. If you’re still unsure, please reach out to our Call Center. Our representatives will be happy to let you know if there are crews in your area. Our customer service line is (863) 834-9535, Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm.

New Outage Map

lakeland service territory on outage map

We work hard to keep the lights on, but when they do go off we want to keep our customers in the know.

As a company, we at Lakeland Electric recognize that communication with our customers is vital. To keep our customers informed we have recently revamped the outage map provided on our website. To access this new Outage Map, click here: https://tinyurl.com/y7w3yg88

Hurricane Season is upon us, and one way we are preparing for potential storms is by updating our Outage Map. No one likes their power to be out. We at Lakeland Electric hope that this new outage map helps clarify where our outages are, where we are working on them, and who all has been affected.

The new Outage Map offers a variety of features: 
  • Receive updates on an active outage 
  • Follow real-time information and repair updates 
  • View current weather in our area and surrounding locations 
  • View the up-to-date information in either English or Spanish 

For more outage information, follow us on Facebook at MyLakelandElectric and on Twitter @mylkldelectric.

Florida Lineman Appreciation

lineman on power pole

August 26th is Lineman Appreciation Day!

It’s that time of year again! Florida Lineman Appreciation Day is August 26th. On this day, we remember all the hard work the lineman do every day to keep the lights on in Lakeland. Without the dedication, hard work, and efficiency of our lineman, Lakeland would be a lot less bright. The men and women who serve our community, and across the state, put their lives on the line so we can enjoy the comfort of our own homes.

A lot of us take electricity for granted until it goes out. Linemen risk their lives every day in the name of public interest but are rarely celebrated as heroes. Their faces aren’t common on billboards, and they don’t have household names. They are lineworkers, men and women who make sure the power stays on in homes and businesses across Florida. In the event of a disaster, they often pave the way for first responders.

Here at Lakeland Electric, we have top quality lineman. Their jobs range from repairing outages, addressing fallen powerlines, quickly responding after storms, and so much more. While our linemen are on the job, their number one priority is safety for both themselves and the community. Being a lineman is more than a job. Being a lineman means being a part of a family that looks out for each other.

To learn more about our lineman, watch this video: https://tinyurl.com/yckgdhgl

To learn more about the lineman family, watch this video: https://tinyurl.com/ya9ztwsl


If you see a lineman on the 26th of this month, or any other day, be sure to stop and thank them. We’re sure they would appreciate it! And, the next time you flip on a switch, or sit in the A/C remember the lineman that made it possible. You can also celebrate National Lineman Appreciation Day by thanking your local lineman by using #FloridaLinemanAppreciationDay and #thankalineman on Social Media.