We invite you to take a close look at the Power Academy program being offered at Tenoroc High School. This program is provided by the Polk County School Board and sponsored by Lakeland Electric.

Lakeland Electric anticipates many career opportunities becoming available for students graduating from high school during the next several years due to employee retirements.

This program will help students develop the necessary technical and people skills required for employment at Lakeland Electric or for any company in the world. In addition, this Academy will provide students with an excellent foundation to compete for a variety of careers in other trades and industries, such as construction and manufacturing.

This program will also be very beneficial for students planning to move on to a four-year college or a trade school by providing technical knowledge and dual college credit enrollment while still in high school.

We at Lakeland Electric are very proud of this program that is contributing to our City’s bright future. Since the beginning of the program, 114 students have graduated from the Academy. Eight of our students have gone on to be hired into full-time Lakeland Electric or COL Departments. As another stepping stone following the program, ten graduates from our two combined academies are currently employed in Lakeland Electric internship programs.

We know as a high school student, you have to make some very difficult decisions on which classes to take to help you get into the career of your choice. We feel the Lakeland Electric Power Academy will give you the information and background needed to continue in almost any career of interest to you. Graduate with options!

For more information, contact Tranice McGriff, Director of Training & Workforce Development tranice.mcgriff@lakelandelectric.com

Lakeland Electric is a proud partner with the Polk County School Board in creating the Energy Academy program at Traviss Technical College. Lakeland Electric offers opportunities in a variety of technical positions in Production (generating plants), Delivery (wires, poles, substations), Customer Service (meter reading, call center), and more. These are good solid careers for which students can apply following graduation. We offer competitive wages, excellent benefits, and pride in work in these technical careers. There are also many opportunities to grow and develop for future leadership positions. Lakeland Electric is continually looking for qualified applicants.

The goal of developing this Energy Academy is to help students prepare for positions while they’re still in high school. This develops a pipeline of qualified applicants for the utility industry. In addition, this Academy will provide students with an excellent foundation to compete for a variety of careers in other trades and industries such as construction and manufacturing. Students in the Lakeland Electric Energy Academy will be exposed to the electric utility industry structure, processes, and terminology.

In addition, they will gain a solid understanding of industrial electricity. Students graduating from the Lakeland Electric Energy Academy will have key insights into the many entry-level positions throughout the utility. Lakeland Electric’s commitment to the Energy Academy at Traviss Technical College is strong. This program is important for Lakeland Electric and the surrounding communities. Not only will it provide our company a pathway to future job candidates, but it will benefit students by providing them the academic tools and technical skills they need to be successful in a variety of careers.

All employment opportunities for Lakeland Electric can be found on the City of Lakeland's website.