This is a short tutorial  to show  how to update your notifications from Lakeland Electric.
They are currently being offered via phone (Voice or Text) and/or Email for Electric Outages.
** It is critical that your most updated information is used and kept up to date. **


1. HOW

Login to Manage My Account

Navigate to the “My Settings” tab and select “My Service Notifications”

For each contact type listed, select English or Spanish Enrolled. If you have a record that you no longer wish to use, select “Not Enrolled” and that contact will no longer be active on your account.

To add a new contact, click “Add New Contact Information”.

Once you enter the contact “type” a field will be provided to enter more information.

Add the new phone number or email address and click “Save Information”.

The added contact information will now be displayed. By default the Outage SMS/Voice fields are “Not Enrolled”. Select either English or Spanish Enrolled to make the new contact active.

To make an old contact inactive, change the fields under that contact to “Not Enrolled”.

To remove a contact completely from your account, Navigate to the “My Settings” tab and select “My Profile”.

Select the contact information that you want to remove and select “Delete”.

A message will pop-up to ensure you want to delete the selected record. Click yes and the contact will be removed with a message displaying “Your information has been removed!”

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