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Lakeland Electric is offering customers a variety of programs to encourage customers to reduce their energy usage and help lower their electric bills. Rebates, energy audits, and supplies to weatherize your home or business can save you money and improve our environment!

2019 Available Funds

Our energy conservation fund has a fixed amount of rebates available each year.

As of November 1st 2019, 92% of the fund is available for customer rebates.


Appliance Rebate

Lakeland Electric will be offering an appliance rebate to their residential customers who purchase a qualifying Energy Star© appliance as listed below. 

Qualifying Energy Star© appliances:

Refrigerator $75*
Dishwasher $40*
Clothes Washer $75*
Clothes Dryer $50*
Freezer $40*
Pool Pump $200* 
Water Heater (Heat pump only) $300*
Hot Water Heater Timer $50*
Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat $50*

*Rebates will appear as a credit on your utility bill and may take up to 30 days to process.

Click to download Appliance Rebate Form

Rebate Amounts:  $40 - $300 depending on the type of Energy Star© appliance purchased.
Eligible Participants: Current residential Lakeland Electric Customers.
How to Participate: After making a qualified purchase, download the rebate form, print, fill out all information, and send it to: (a copy of the receipt must be included & show brand & model number)
E-mail it to:  
Or mail it to:

Lakeland Electric

Energy Efficiency Programs/Andrea Scott

501 E Lemon St

Lakeland, FL 33801

Other conditions and requirements:

  • Rebates are subject to change without notice and are subject to approval.
  • The equipment must be installed in a permanent residence receiving Lakeland Electric residential electric service.
  • To be eligible for rebates, purchased equipment must be Energy Star© qualified and currently listed on the ES website.
  • Refrigerator or freezers must be full sized as defined by ES (7.75 cubic feet or greater volume).
  • Rebate applications must be received within 1 year of the appliance purchase date.
  • Rebates cannot exceed the total installed cost for the appliance(s), which must be new appliances, not used.
  • In order for rebate to be applied, the brand and model number of equipment must show on receipt and accompany application.
  • Applications must be completed entirely for rebates to be applied.
  • Rebates are not paid to the equipment vendor or the installing contractor.

Visit or call Customer Service 863-834-9535

One-Time $50 HVAC Annual Maintenance Rebate

Annual inspections and maintenance of heating and cooling systems not only ensure proper and efficient operations, but they also help prevent untimely breakdowns. This rebate is available as a one-time offer to residential customers that have completed a preseason heating and cooling system tune-up by a licensed HVAC contractor.

Services which must be completed to qualify for the rebate:
  • Check refrigerant level 
  • Check thermostat 
  • Check for leaks in ductwork 
  • Check and clean condenser and evaporator coils 
  • Check fans for tightness and cleanliness 
  • Lubricate fan motors 
  • Check controls 
  • Check voltage and amperage

Program Requirements
  • Valid on electric central heating and cooling units 
  • Limit to a one-time, one rebate, per central unit, per household 
  • You must provide a receipt of the service performed

Receipts should include the Lakeland Electric account number and are to be mailed to:

Lakeland Electric

Attention:  Energy and Business Services

501 E. Lemon St

Lakeland, FL 33801


Call (863) 834-9535 for more information. 

LED Lighting Program

Lighting accounts for 20% of the average home’s electric bill. Light Emitting Diode bulbs (LEDs) require less energy than typical incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. Energy analysts from Lakeland Electric will distribute up to three LED light bulbs to residential and small commercial customers who schedule an energy audit.

 Call (863) 834-9535 for more information.

$150 Attic Insulation Upgrade Rebate

Lakeland Electric offers a $150 rebate to residential customers that upgrade attic insulation. Customers must have an inspection done by LE before installing additional insulation. A Lakeland Electric Energy Analyst will inspect attic insulation and issue the rebate certificate. The amount of insulation (R value) to be added will be stated on the certificate. The customer can use any of the insulation contractors in our area or self-install. The rebate is available for customers that have an R-19 or less and the total R-value achieved must be R-30 or greater to qualify.

Energy Analysts will issue rebate certificates to qualifying customers along with a list of insulation contractors. If the customer chooses to add insulation the contractors will accept the certificate as $150 payment. The contractors will mail or fax the redeemed certificates to LE monthly. LE will pay the contractors $150 for each certificate returned. The payment will be processed by Energy and Business Services and sent to Revenue Management for payment. The Energy Analysts will inspect a minimum of 10% of the completed installations. If the customer installs the insulation the Energy Analyst will inspect, get the certificate from the homeowner, and a copy of the receipt. Payment will then be made to the customer and may take up to 30 days to process.


  • Must be a Lakeland Electric customer 
  • Valid for existing single family homes (not new construction) with whole house air-conditioning and/or electric heat. 
  • Rebate for attic insulation only 
  • Rebates are subject to approval and contingent upon fund availability 
  • Rebates are subject to change without notice 
  • Limit one (1) insulation rebate per location 

Call (863) 834-9535 for more information.

$200 for a new Energy Efficient Heat Pump

Lakeland Electric will be offering a rebate to their residential customers to replace their current HVAC system with an energy efficient heat pump. The Lakeland Electric Heating and Cooling Rebate will be in the amount of $200.  The replacement system must meet our criteria, as listed below.  This rebate is in effect as of October 1, 2019.

 Equipment Specification Requirements

  • A minimum 15-SEER for heat pumps.
  • The maximum supplemental electric resistance heating with a heat pump shall not exceed two (2) kilowatts (kW) per nominal ton.
  • On a heat pump system less than 2.5 tons, a 5 kW heat strip is acceptable.


  • The installation must be completed by a licensed HVAC contractor.
  • The customer must submit a copy of the receipt listing the model number and SEER of the unit installed.
  • Customer should provide their Lakeland Electric account number and address.
  • A copy of the receipt can be scanned and e-mailed to:  or mailed:

Energy and Business Services
Attention: Heating/Cooling Rebate, Marilyn Chaparro
501 E.  Lemon St.
Lakeland, FL 33801

*If e-mailed, subject line should read:   Lakeland Electric Heating & Cooling Rebate. 

  • E-mail should also include customer name and account number.
  • The rebate will be applied as a credit to the customer’s account in the amount of $200. Upon receiving the receipt from customer, will be applied within 30 days.
  • Limit to one (1) rebate per central unit, per location.
  • Available for replacement of an existing unit, excludes new construction.
    (Rebates are subject to change and are contingent on fund availability)

Duct Seal Rebate Program

Lakeland Electric offers a $150 rebate to residential customers to seal their duct work (in unconditioned space) with metal tape and mastic. Customers must have an inspection done by LE before the duct sealing takes place, at which point the Energy Analysts will inspect the duct system for visual leaks and issue the rebate certificate. The customer can use any of the licensed HVAC contractors in our area. All ducts must be sealed with Metal Tape and mastic.

Please call 863-834-9535 to schedule an appointment.

Residential Rebates

Lakeland Electric is offering customers a variety of programs to encourage us to reduce our energy usage and help lower our electric bills. Rebates, energy audits and supplies to weatherize your home or business can save you money and improve our environment!

Energy Rebates banner


Commercial Conservation Rebate

Lakeland Electric’s Commercial Conservation Rebate Program provides an incentive of $150 per kW demand reduction per customer for energy conservation measures at their facility. The goal is to provide assistance to our large customers with their energy conservation efforts and to reduce peak load on Lakeland Electrics generation system. This rebate program is available for GSLD, Interruptible, and ELDC rate customers. This rebate is available for energy saving improvements that were recommended through the energy audit. The following measures are eligible for the rebate; lighting systems, HVAC, and motors. Other measures will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


The customer must have an energy audit completed by Lakeland Electric or a qualified engineering or energy services provider prior to the work being done. The customer will then contact their Account Executive to notify the audit has been completed. The Account Executive will review the energy saving measures the customer is considering and approve or deny the rebate. Upon completion of the conservation measure(s), the customer will notify the Account Executive. The Account Executive will perform a site visit to verify completion of the work. A copy of the invoice must be provided and the Account Executive will process the incentive for the customer. Refund will be credited to customers account.


  • Must be a GSLD, Interruptible, or ELDC rate Lakeland Electric customer.
  • Limit one (1) rebate per customer (not location).
  • Must provide copy of invoice after work is complete.
  • All rebates are subject to approval and contingent upon fund availability.
  • Rebates are subject to change without notice.

For more information, contact Kevin Jones.
Email: or Cell: (863) 944-2456

Commercial Lighting Rebate

Lakeland Electric’s Commercial Lighting Rebate Program provides a rebate of $0.15 per Watt reduced for the installation of energy efficient lighting in interior spaces. This rebate is provided as an incentive to promote the replacement of existing indoor lighting with energy efficient lighting technologies.


Lakeland Electric will make recommendations for lighting improvements at the energy audits for commercial customers. Also recommendations may be made by an Account Manager. Upon completion of an approved lighting retrofit, Lakeland Electric will pay a rebate of $0.15 per Watt reduced. The refund will be in the form of a credit on the utility bill or check.


  • Available for all commercial rate customers.
  • Rebates for all indoor lighting retrofits where incandescent or fluorescent is replaced with CFL, LED lighting or T8/T5 fluorescent.
  • Other lighting technologies will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • All rebates are subject to approval and contingent upon fund availability.
  • Rebates are subject to change without notice.

For more information, contact Customer Service. 
Email: or Phone: 863-834-9535


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