What you’re responsible for and what is the responsibility of Lakeland Electric?
What you’re responsible for and what is the responsibility of Lakeland Electric.
Electrical components connecting your home or business to Lakeland Electric can become damaged for a myriad of reasons including severe storms or construction. If this should occur, how do you know what you’re responsible for and what is the responsibility of Lakeland Electric?

Let’s review what the various electrical component pieces are.

The responsibility of the home or business owner is indicated in BLUE: 

1. Weather Head - essentially guards the overhead wires that run from the utility company to your home or business. Keeping this connection sturdy, strong and free of debris is critical to enabling the delivery of electricity to you. Weather heads ensure that the connection is protected from weather, birds, and any other element that may harm the wires.
2. Attachment Hardware – connects the incoming wires in the weather head to the Meter Can.
3. Riser – piping protecting the incoming wires extending from the weather head to the meter box.
4. Meter Can – the housing box for the meter.

The responsibility of Lakeland Electric is in RED:

1. Service Line – the incoming electrical service wires from Lakeland Electric.
2. Meter – the component that measures the total power consumed over a time interval. The Lakeland Electric smart meter system lets us know the moment your home or business is out of power without you needing to call. This helps us respond quickly to problems and get your power back on as quickly and safely as possible.

There are various configurations for connecting to Lakeland Electric’s system. You may be connected via your roof or outside wall if you have overhead wires or you may be connected via underground wires to an outside wall. Survey your home or business to acquaint yourself with how you are connected to best understand what your responsibilities are.

If any of these electric components should become damaged, you should:
  • turn your electricity off at the main breaker immediately;
  • call 911 immediately if there are downed power lines or potential hazards;
  • call a licensed electrician if you feel your home or business may be unsafe to carry power;
  • notify Lakeland Electric at 863-834-4248, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or text OUT to 21592 if you’ve previously registered at www.lakelandelectric.com/myaccount.
As the home or business owner, you are responsible to repair damage to your electric components before Lakeland Electric can restore your power. Lakeland Electric is not permitted nor responsible to repair damage to other electrical wiring, the weather head, or the riser.

Lakeland Electric is committed to the safety of both its customers and personnel as well as providing affordable, dependable and sustainable electric services. If you have a question regarding your electric components or your responsibilities, please contact our customer service department for assistance.