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Beginning June 1, 2007, requests for temporary electric service will need to be completed within 120 days from receipt of the application. If the request is not completed within 120 days, it will be canceled and removed from the system. The customer will need to submit a new application and fee if temporary electric service is still required.

Starting Electric Service In a Developer's or Contractor's Name For a Residence, Mobile Home, or Business That Has Existing Electric Service

Open an account with Customer Service by calling (863) 834-9535 

Starting Electric Service in a Developer's or Contractor's Name For a New Residence, Mobile Home, or Business

  1. Obtain necessary building permits from the appropriate city or county permit office. If building a new home, installing a new mobile home, or upgrading existing service, provide the permit number and a General Service Application to the customer service office when setting up electric service accounts.
  2. Contact the city's Property Information Office to obtain an "official address" for the new home or business. This must be done before opening an account and receiving service.
  3. Open an account (see step one in the first section). If you require temporary service for construction purposes, establish separate accounts with separate General Service Applications if the service will be under different names for both temporary and permanent service. Remember to call our customer service office when you are ready to transfer from the temporary service to the permanent service. Again, you will need to provide the permit number for each account.
  4. Call the electric engineering group to spot the "point of delivery." (Point of delivery is where the customer's service cable terminates at the transformer, secondary pedestal, or mainline pole/mid-span bracket.)
  5. For non-standard residential services that either exceed 200 amps or have a sub-panel, your electrician will be responsible for providing and installing the service cable. Lakeland Electric will make the cable termination at the "point of delivery."
  6. For commercial customers with underground service, all conductors must be provided and installed by the customer. All commercial customers must provide our electric engineering group with detailed electrical plans, including load data.
  7. Upon completion, contact the appropriate city or county inspection office to schedule a final electrical inspection. While the inspector may place a "green sticker" on your meter can, showing it has passed the inspection, or you receive a "Certificate of Occupancy," that does not mean your service is ready to be connected.

Very important: For the electric service to be connected, the following must be completed:

A General Service Application for temporary and/or permanent electric service in the customer's name must be submitted along with a deposit if applicable before an account will be set up. (Deposits are required for all commercial accounts.)

  • Clearance from the city or county inspections office.
  • Street number permanently placed on the structure or meter can.
  • Meets all Lakeland Electric requirements.

For residential and single-phase commercial, it will take approximately 1 to 2 working days to install a service cable and meter. If we need to install a transformer, it will take 3 to 5 working days. For more complex requirements — such as installing a pole or constructing a primary line extension not requiring an easement or permit — anticipate up to 10 working days. Times are approximate, vary by installation, and could be extended if storm damage or other emergencies requires our crews to focus on restoring service to existing customers.

*Note: Due to the many variables, three-phase commercial service time frames cannot be standardized.

If a state, county, or city road crossing permit is required and/or we must obtain an easement from the property owner for a primary line extension, work might take up to 8 weeks to complete. If an easement is required, it will also be necessary for the property owner to arrange for the initial clearing of trees and vegetation.

For any service that requires excavation, Lakeland Electric must contact Sunshine One Call at (800) 432-4770 for the respective existing underground lines to be marked before beginning our work.

Point of Contact

Michel Renard
New Development Engineering Supervisor

Large (> 500kVA) Commercial Developments
Residential Subdivisions and Apartment Complex Developments

Small - Medium (< 500kVA) Commercial Developments
Residential Subdivision Developments
(863) 834-6423

Commercial & Residential Development Documents



*Send completed applications to services.eng@lakelandelectric.com



At the time of service application, a deposit in the amount of $100.00 per electric meter will be required for metered temporary service for residential construction.

Deposits for other than single-phase service shall be determined by the Department of Electric and Water Utilities on a case-by-case basis.

Landlords / Real Estate Deposits

Landlords or Real Estate Agents with acceptable payment history or an acceptable credit score wishing to activate service in multiple residences may post a separate "blanket" deposit of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) for up to five (5) sites. If the customer applying for such multiple services already has an office account, the Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) "blanket" deposit may be added to the office account.

For each additional residential location, a deposit will be required as follows:

  • Electric Service $150.00
  • Water Service $30.00
  • Wastewater $35.00
  • Solid Waste and Recycling $15.00
  • Stormwater $10.00
  • Polk County Sewer (if applicable) $110.00

In either scenario, the deposit will be held until all accounts are finalized. In order to process a refund, the bills must be paid or transferred to the blanket account, so the deposit can be applied against all final charges.

Refund of Deposits

Cash deposits made by Residential or Commercial Customers shall be refunded provided that all final charges for electric and/or water service have been paid in full at the time the customer discontinues service. Refunds are mailed 30 days after final payment. Surety bonds or irrevocable letters of credit posted in lieu of such deposits shall be canceled upon payment of the final bill for electric and/or water service after the customer discontinues service. Residential customers who demonstrate a satisfactory utility credit history for two (2) consecutive years may have their deposit credited to their current bill. Any deposits retained at time of termination of the account will automatically be applied to any outstanding bill, and any remainder shall be refunded.

Deposit Increases

Residential Deposits

The Customer Service Division has been granted the authority to increase the amount of the utility deposit required, or reinstate the deposit if it has been waived, modified, or refunded when any utility customer fails to maintain an Acceptable Payment History. The customer will receive a written notice of not less than five (5) business days of a required security deposit increase. The customer will be required to have a deposit with the City of Lakeland to equal the minimum amount of twice the average monthly bill and will be billed over a six (6) month period.

Unacceptable Payments History for Residential Customers

  • Disconnected twice within a 12 month period;
  • Two (2) dishonored checks within a 12 month period;
  • Write Off;
  • Balance due on prior final bill;
  • Meter tampering; or
  • Electric energy diversion

Commercial Deposits

All Commercial Accounts are subject to periodic review by the City and subsequent adjustment to maintain the amount of security required by the Ordinance. When an increased Security Deposit is required, the Customer will be notified by U.S. Mail and, if the customer has previously posted a cash deposit with the City, the increased Security Deposit shall be billed to the Customer in equal installments over a period of six (6) months from the recalculation date. In the event the customer has posted a surety bond or letter of credit, the customer shall provide new or properly amended bonds or letters of credit in the full amount of the recalculated Security Deposit within ninety (90) days of the recalculation date.

Unacceptable Payments History for Commercial Customers

  • The account has been disconnected for non-payment;
  • One (1) dishonored check;
  • Meter tampering;
  • Electric energy diversion; or
  • More than two (2) delinquent payments.

If a Commercial Account expands its business to a new service address, the Commercial Account shall be required to:

1. Increase their current Security Deposit to include and cover the new address; or

2. Provide a separate Security Deposit in accordance with this ordinance for the new service address.