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Manage My Account

Sign-up to Manage your account today. "Desktop, Tablet, Mobile: Make Your Life Easier" and monitor your energy consumption because smarter power is in your hands!


Manage my Account allows users to conduct a number of business functions and monitor usage from any convenient location. Manage all your Lakeland Electric services, update your account information, track your energy usage & costs, Pay your bill online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Signing-up is really as easy as 1, 2, 3

Customers will need their Lakeland Electric account number listed on their utility statement. Provide the last six digits of your social security number or if the account is related to a business, then the Federal ID number. Lastly, select the correct picture from the prompt and then you are ready to start discovering Manage my Account.


Manage my Account provides Commercial account summary information, related charts, graphs, and meter data extracts.

Read the "Release Notes" about:

• Account Summary
• Billing Summary
• Consumption Data Exporting
• Billed Consumption Report
• Electric Usage Trend - Bill Period Chart
• Electric Usage Trend - Hourly Usage Chart
• Meter Ready History
• Meter Data Export

Manage My Account: Welcome to

What Can you do with Manage My Account?

Customers who sign-up can review their utility bill details and pay online. They can view their current statement, previous balance and transaction history. Users can check their monthly carbon footprint and conduct business like disconnect service, transfer service to another address and for our winter visitors, they can restart their service all online. Because of the integration with smart meters, Manage My Account users can view consumption (kWh and estimated dollar levels) at monthly, daily and hourly intervals. Lakeland Electric customers can also enroll in a new notification program so they can be alerted if there is an outage in the area. The notifications can be received through texts, email, voice message and can be received on multiple devices.

Manage My Account: What's New

Outage Notifications

Lakeland Electric is now offering our customers the ability to be notified if there is an outage in your area and we will send you a message once power has been restored. You can receive alerts by phone (TXT or IVR message) or email to keep you informed and help make your life a little easier.

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Outage Report

If you are currently experiencing an outage in your zone or you want to report a power outage or electrical emergency such as a downed power line, please call Lakeland Electric's dedicated toll-free automated system at (863) 834-4248.
The system can recognize your phone number when you call, matching it to your address to help us locate outages quickly.

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