Customer Academy

Lakeland Electric is proud to offer our customers an up close and personal look into how we operate and serve our community.

The Lakeland Electric Customer Academy is a free, interactive informational program that allows our customers the opportunity to gain insight into their community-owned municipal, or "MUNI," electric utility. At each Customer Academy session, discuss industry hot topics with subject matter experts. Best of all, participation in Customer Academy is completely free!

The academy consists of Four (4) two-hour sessions every other Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. in various locations.

Free dinner provided at each session! Dinner will be served at 5:30 PM.


Participants are highly encouraged to attend all sessions to get the most from the academy. Topics include: 

·         Explanation of Electricity—from generation to billing

·         Power Plant and Substation Tours

·         Accessing your “Smart Meter” information on the web

·         Energy Efficiency

·         Utility financials, Environmental considerations and education programs


Registration will close April 8th, 2019. Those interested in participating can register here: Class Registration

The class holds a maximum of 40 participants.

The sessions are as follows:

Session #1   April 9, 2019 Utility Overview
Location:  Conference Room 1A & 1B 
Lakeland Electric Administration Building
501 E. Lemon St., Lakeland, FL 33801 
Session #2   April 23, 2019 Power Generation
Plant Tour:  Unit 5
Location:  Unit 5 Conference Room, (Gate 8) 
East Lake Parker Dr.-McIntosh Plant
Session #3   May 7, 2019 Energy Delivery
Location:  Purchasing & Central  
1140 E. Parker St., Lakeland, FL 33801
Session #4   May 21, 2019 Final Session - Customer Service "Graduation"
Customer Service, Energy Efficiency, Smart Meters
(Bring portable internet-accessible device)  
Location:  Conference Room 1B 
Lakeland Electric Administration Building
501 E. Lemon St., Lakeland, FL 33801



  • Please plan on attending all four sessions to get the full benefit of the program. 

    Session #1 (April 9th, 2019)
    Session #2 (April 23rd, 2019)
    Session #3 (May 7th, 2019)
    Session #4 (May 21st, 2019)

  • Note: You need to be 18 yo or older to participate


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